I’ve had my car for about a month now, it had a few problems but I got them fixed… but one thing that really irritates me is that on uneven roads the car often jumps when I have my foot on the throttle like it’s out of control. There’s certain bits of road near where I live where it always does it, without fail.
Also, I think my car may have been remapped - how can I find out if it has? It seems really quick off the blocks and if you thrash it all the way it really goes but when you just need a quick burst of acceleration off a normal bit of driving it doesn’t seem very powerful - it reminds me of my old Honda S2000 in that respect. It’s also really drinking the fuel. I know fuel prices have rocketed so it can seem like that but this car really is having far too much fuel for the way I’m driving it. Due to the fact that there’s not really any road to have a good speeding session down these days, I don’t think I’m very good at driving it either! Many times when actually giving it some welly and changing from 2nd to 3rd gear, I fluff it up and rev the engine! I’ve had plenty of fast cars and not had any issues with them but this one just isn’t getting the best out of me.


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Fuel economy depends on so many things - what is the car telling you your average consumption is?

Can you be more specific about the car feeling out of control on uneven roads? What specifically is happening, what are you doing in that situation?
I can’t get it to show me the MPG because the button on the steering wheel doesn’t work! It’s finishing 55 litres of fuel within 250 miles easily.
As for the jumping, it’s just like you get on that surface and like when someone is a new driver the car just pulls forward then pauses then pulls forward again.


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Kangarooing? Like the car is lurching and you have to let off the throttle to let it settle down?

If that is the case that's a common issue with our cars. Quickest thing to try to address that is zip tie the MAF sensor on the left side of the intake manifold so its not moving around so much. You can also search for some 'caps' that guys make that will screw down and hold the sensor in place. Either one should help.
I really don’t like driving it for day to day stuff! Plus fuel prices these days I’m seriously considering selling it even though I love it!


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Im hitting 28 MPG driving once a week to the same place, 60 miles in total. Normal motorway and some fast B road. These cars are really thirsty for what you get back tbh, it’s a given.


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Sounds like your car is pretty normal, you get used to all the quirks, some times I drive over a bulge in the tarmac on a B road and I let out a lound scream I’m so terrified of the loud bang the car makes.


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having far too much fuel for the way I’m driving it
I would check lambda's, mine was running way too rich in closed loop, got them replaced and the car is much smoother and quicker on the throttle.
Two lambda's 100 Euros (BOSCH, 10 minutes work on a car lift.
Fuel economy is around 1 litre/10 kilometers = 24mpg and 1 hour drives with half that time light "fun" on 98RON, long trips maybe 1:12/30mpg.
Beast mode it drinks like a rotary.. fuel and oil.