irish Glacier white 197 :)

My goodness... The stance is epic! Cape town roads are putrid though, so I can only dream... :worried:

Props man, one of the hottest looking 197s I've ever seen!
Cheers guys :smile: thanks for such positive comments. Usually all I get is "it's too low" but it hasn't ruined the way I drive it lol it still gets a thrashing the way it should lol.

Il try and upload more photos on Instagram just for you lad haha

Cheers Eddie yea looking forward to march and meeting up with you guys hopefully it looks as good in the flesh as it does in the pics. Just excuse the cracked and cable tied splitter for now lol.

My photo bucket account is acting up to pics are in the processing line bare with me lol
Okay so..... We update WITH PICTURES lol

So the splitter to another hit this time was a lump of mud in the middle of the road I swerved but was abit late I clipped the edge if the splitter lol


So I revieved my package from k-tec as I've already said. And I got the straight de cat piece 2nd hand.




So with the de cat and pre decat in place and the manifold wrapped plus a remap to finish up and smooth things out we should liven things up lol
they are powdercoated white :smile: not painted no there not the exact same GW white as the car but doesn't bother me.

side skirts are on along with another new splitter :smile:

car was off the road for a while there getting it ready for m.o.t so ive a full years on her now so I can now continue with the mods and get the coils screwed back down lol
Okay so update with pics :smile: car passed mot. so I got a new splitter on and also got the side skirts on pics of them to follow. The front end got a overhaul with new bearings and bushings along with new ktr groved discs and ferodo 2500 pads. The back also got new pads and discs. Also treated her to a new set of front arch liners and a new undertray both bits :smile: they had taken a lot of abuse lol.

Still to get the decat pipes in then I've ordered the new ktr induction kit and to finish it all off a cheeky remap should smooth things out.


the car had got a little dirty so it deserved a wash and detail before I put the side skirts on lol




And a sneaky wee shot at how the front is sitting now....... :wink: how long will this splitter last


Clean photos :smile:





More pics to come of the side skirts on :smile: pics on Sunday when she gets a wash :smile:
So took a wee pic of he brakes and tyre before I put the side skirts on.


Pics of side skirts as promised :smile:





Excuse the iPhone pics lol
Looks lovely mate. I have v1's on mine as well but it's not as low as yours :wink: Don't you find the ride to be very crashy? or did you get shorter springs with a higher spring rating?
thanks for the comments :smile:

I was the same when I fitted them I didn't like them at all but they have grown on me think they tie in with the splitter nicely the more I look at them :smile:

yea I'm not sure if I can really call mine v1's any more lol yea got shorter stiffer springs for the rear :smile: I find them grand but I'm used to them and with driving it daily I love it still comfortable ride to live with.

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