Hybrid Megane trophy

So a few bits and her 2 track day service was complete.

New uprated lower ball joints
New Alcantara steering wheel courtesy of royal steering wheels.
GT performance silicone intake pipe and boost
New Miller's nanodrive+ and filter
Oil catch tank fitted.

All went fairly well, catch tank a pain considering there is literally no unused space in the engine bay but we managed to squeeze it in just about.

Lower ball joints snapped my mechanics tool so we had to weld lug nuts on so we could get them out

But apart from the odd set back shes ready for cadwell on the 23rd of may.
Unfortunately front disks and pads all round will need to be replaced after the next track day so I'm doing a little research and number crunching to work out if it's worth fitting some two piece front disks. They just seem to cost a massive premium but we will see


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Great day at cadwell.
Place is nothing like any video or photos!
We could only manage 4 hotlaps before feeling the need to come down for a breather. The track needs every ounce of concentration with very heavy braking, tight corners and harsh compressions.
Car was faultless and handled brilliantly around hall bends and the tighter corners.
Ad08rs didnt keep tabs with Ben on his direzzas in the high speed corners which I was expecting. Noticed the massive difference in styles with me and Ben which was interesting where Ben was very much on and off where I was hard on but trail braked quite alot. Which probably doesn't help with brake temps.
If you get the chance then get yourself to cadwell but prepared to feel like youve been on a roller coaster d3f70716a63bad96a4a66043c05a5adf.jpge5da0f49aff533cc8426c2cec39958dd.jpg141a1829e03d051e1365cb710d3308b4.jpg

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