200: Clio 200 advice please

Hello all,

First post here.

I’m a previous 182 trophy owner and since selling that 3 years ago I have been regretting it ever since. As such I’m now looking at scratching that hot hatch itch again and given all the rave reviews, my attention has been drawn to a 200 cup.

Has anyone ever owned both and care to draw up a comparison on the two? It would be used mainly for weekend B road blasts.

Secondly, I’ve had a quick look through the stickies but can’t find any info on common problems/things to look out for when buying a 200, anyone care to point out the obvious ones?

Thanks in advance.


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I can’t comment on the comparison but I’ve used mine with kids seats. It can be a bit difficult to get the seat in and out around the Recaro’s (don’t know about the standard seats) but once they’re in it’s fine. I don’t think you’d be able to get a baby seat in with the baby in it if that’s what you’re thinking.
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Ive had loads of both.

The trophy is raw, more chuckable & is generally a shade more of a drivers car... but only just...

It is however now slightly dated & smells of the 2000s....

Its also cheaper to run ( apart from the dampers )

200 wise Its bigger heavier & a little bit more 'tricky' to engage the power from stationary-
Out the box the trophy probably just shades it in terms of enjoyment but the 200 with a couple of relative cheap mods is on a par -

& Actually visually has better kerb appeal with the right mods-

This or this

4303F80B-9B4B-484B-8991-0580D199C2E9.jpeg D91D4123-5919-4302-8632-673EFD19B5E8.jpeg