Cabasse Auditorium Tronic

Does anyone know where I can buy a new CD player for my 197??? Ive got the cabasse auditorium tronic 6 disc changer but a cd got stuck.. I took it apart and now its screwed!
Hi Jon,

I might still have my old Cabasse unit at home (I changed to an Alpine model last year) - A quick look and there's one on eBay for £20 + £8 postage. I'd happily take £20 inc postage if it's of interest? Let me know and I'll have a look later.

Hi Jamie sounds great thank you. I forgot to mention... I need the 6 disc changer head unit. Is this the one you have? How easy was it to fit the alpine. I thought the 197 had different connections on the back and was a different size??
Cool - I'll have a look when home and make sure I have the radio code for it too.

There are quite a few threads on here re changing the Cabasse System - I intended to do it myself but it was an absolute ballache so I ended up taking it to a specialist car audio place who fitted it. Just check but underneath the driver's seat is a box - this is the radio unit I believe - one of the major ballache parts for me was the antenae needs to be extended from here to the main dashboard - after finding that out I thought sod it!

You're also correct re the size difference - on an aftermarket headunit you may need to get a fascia to avoid a gap around the edges.

I've attached pics of the front and back - do you want to check and make sure it's the correct, same item...!? If you want to go ahead then send me a Direct Message - PayPal would be preferred or failing that a transfer, would obvs need your address - Once all sorted I'll arrange delivery through myhermes - a tracked courier.

Let me know...!