1. manmr94

    Battery charge fault

    Hi, few weeks ago my car showed a message: "battery charge fault", it appears when i have already driven some kilometers and i have to restart the car to this message gets dissapear. I bought a new alternator but the problem persists, my battery was bought one year ago. Could anyone help me?
  2. Dom.201

    Difference between the 197 and 200 mid silencer ?

    Hey guys, I want to change my mid silencer on my Clio 200 (Phase 2) and buy the inoxcar one. They got 2 options tho, a 197 and a 200 version. The thing is, that my clio is a 2009 Phase 2 so even my suspension needa Phase 1 parts due to the different size in the front. Are there any differences...
  3. W

    Engine Needs

    Hi Anyone know where to source a replacement engine from, eBay seem to be low on engines, KTEC seem to want stupid money for a second hand engine before there is any work even done to it, and REN PARTS Ltd don't even have a phone number that work which make me wonder what is going on there?
  4. SimiRockStar

    197 Remap

    Hey guys! I am going to buy this Rstuner from fastchip, or from somewhere else... ( still need to check about import charges to my country) , so i have maybe a silly, stupid question... I know that you have to buy ecu map, but i need to ask you guys, do you all buy a map, or are you friendly...
  5. C

    197 Xenon Projector Headlights

    Hi there, I have a 2006 197 and I'm looking to get new headlights however I haven't had any luck finding the right ones. I'm looking for 197 Xenon Projector Headlights usually with the black interior. Any advice on where to get some. Scared to find out how much Renault want for a set...
  6. JCarthy

    Recaro side bolsters

    Hi all, Looking to fix up the side bolsters of my blue dot Recaros but having trouble finding material to match the original. Is the material from the standard clio or any other renault seats the same? I'm living in Ireland so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. JCarthy

    New member

    Hi all, Just joined up today. Have an '07 Clio197 for the last 12 months and thought it was about time to sign up. Living in Ireland and haven't seen many on the road. Looking forward to learning more about the car and the site. I've attached a few pics of the car. It was bought in Nothern...
  8. M

    ABS/ESP/SERV Light with Electronic fault warning

    After a short trip in my 197, completely out of nowhere i get ABS/ESP and SERV light come on and a electronic fault warning on the dash. Also my brake lights no longer work (bulbs are fine) but all other rear and also front lights are working still. For this reason im assuming the issue likely...
  9. W

    197: Collecting Cars - History?

    Sold my 197 a few years ago and have regretted it ever since. Whilst wasting this Sunday morning on Collecting Cars, I have saw this and must admit it takes my fancy… https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2008-renaultsport-clio-197-cup Is the owner on here or do any of you knowledgeable folk...
  10. A

    Fresh start

    I’ve just managed to buy a 2008 197 that’s completely stock and wanted to get people’s advice on suggested mods/upgrades. I want to keep it fairly oem+ with subtle mods that keep it driveable as a daily. Some ideas I’ve had so far are a sprint booster, exhaust back box delete (don’t want it to...
  11. K

    Had an accident, need help

    Good morning, new member here. Last week I had a terrible accident in my Cliosport 197 2006, and it will unfortunately be written off. As i'm sure you can all imagine I'm absolutely devastated, I have been offered a price from my insurance company which is frankly insulting. I'm trying to find...
  12. R

    Diagnosing overfueling

    Hi! I have suspected for some time that my clio 197 is running too rich. There is a strong gasoline smell when it stays with engine running, exhaust tips quickly goes to black and it seems to have less power. The only information from the computer was flashing engine managment light, but it...
  13. P

    Fitter for Quaife Limited Slip Differential

    Hi guys I have a Quaife LSD which I am looking to get fitted to my Clio 197. The only company I can find so far to do the fit including removal of the gearbox is K-Tec Racing at Blandford and they want to charge £650 in labour which seems rather steep. I have had numerous quotes to fit the...
  14. T

    Seat mounting bolts?

    Does anyone know the correct size / where to buy replacement bolts to mount the seat/seat mounts to the car. (A 197) I’ve pulled out the standard seats and replaced with buckets and for now used the standard T40 Torx to mount my SW Motorsport direct replacement seat mounts. I’d like to...
  15. T

    Seat bolts?

    Does anyone know the correct size / where to buy replacement bolts to mount the seat/seat mounts to the car. (A 197) I’ve pulled out the standard seats and replaced with buckets and for now used the standard T40 Torx to mount my SW Motorsport direct replacement seat mounts. I’d like to...
  16. P

    Difference between 197 and 200 suspension set up

    Hi all, I am on the fence whether to buy Clio III 197 or 200. Is there any difference in suspension setup between these two? I read the facelifted one should be a bit softer. Is it true? Is it a noticeable difference? Is there anyone, who has driven both, and could compare them? Thank you!
  17. O

    Where do these plastic panels go?!

    Hi guys, I've recently taken ownership of my brother's197 and there's a couple of spare parts in the boot which apparently belongs in the engine bay :think: first is a large "A3" sized plastic panel marked as , internet searches refer to our as merely "plastic tray" or similar, so no clues...
  18. D

    Air conditioning not switching on

    Hi all My 197 has decided that the aircon isn't going to work. The garage has checked the pressure and all is good, they have replaced the pressure switch since that was an easy(ish) try. They said that there is no power getting to the clutch so as a result, it's not kicking in. All the fuses...
  19. Y

    Clio mk3 197

    I am removing my centre console I have disconnected everything but trying to disconnect the start Stop button so I can wrap it how do I remove it as it doesn’t seem to want to budge
  20. Laurence Abbott

    Looking for genuine Renault Sport 6-Speed gear knob (old logo)

    Hello people, I have just bought a 197 and have become infatuated with the nuances of owning it! Kangarooing when cold, the knocks and noises etc. Anyway, my mission is simple, to make it clean and revitalised! I have already reconditioned the melting steering wheel, changed the window seals...