head unit

  1. P

    New Head Unit - Steering Wheel Controls Help

    Hi All, I'm about to purchase a new head unit - pioneer DEH-X8700BT, and i have contacted caraudiocentre.co.uk to ask which connects2 lead i will require to keep my steering wheel controls. Their response below: "Good Morning, Yes the steering controls on your 2010 Renault Clio can be used...
  2. Hamad

    Which Speakers and Head unit

    Good evening Guys i want to upgrade all of my audio system as i got sick of whats i have, but since I'm in a country where nobody knows anything about clio I'm gunna have to do everything by my self so I'm looking for something easy to install plus i need the steering controller which i...
  3. C

    Radio face plate peeling, HELP?

    So this is my first post on the forum but I'll introduce myself and my car in another thread so I'll just get on with it.. I don't know what the last owner was doing with the radio but the soft face plate cover paint stuff is coming off around the volume knob (it's the bluetooth radio) and its...
  4. J

    Cabasse Auditorium Tronic

    Does anyone know where I can buy a new CD player for my 197??? Ive got the cabasse auditorium tronic 6 disc changer but a cd got stuck.. I took it apart and now its screwed!
  5. E

    Cabasse head unit change.

    I have the Cabasses system in my 197 and am keen to go aftermarket which would obviously involve replacing the head unit. Im a bit concerned with how an aftermarket head unit would fit and the effects it would have on the clock display? Just after any advise anyone has if they have been...
  6. tchalikias

    Standard head unit & usb sticks

    So I think its pretty cool that new 200s have both an AUX input and a USB port for flash drives. And the USB port works - mostly - well. However, it seems it can only read flash drives up to 16gb in size :( It reads my 8gb and 16gb sticks but I've had no luck with a brand new, freshly...