Radio face plate peeling, HELP?

So this is my first post on the forum but I'll introduce myself and my car in another thread so I'll just get on with it..

I don't know what the last owner was doing with the radio but the soft face plate cover paint stuff is coming off around the volume knob (it's the bluetooth radio) and its a major eyesore for me.

So my question is what can I do to fix it? My brother has a nice spray gun and air compressor setup so if i could remove the faceplate (without the buttons) then I guess he could re-spray it, just not with the rubberised coating unless anyone knows where i can get that? Is it possible to remove the faceplate, if so, how? Or could I get a replacement faceplate?

Clio Radio Face Plate.jpg

for the sake of what it would cost, you could just buy another factory head unit and change it over.
I don't think trying to paint it over, or blending it in will be an easy task, unless you removed all of the rubberized paint beforehand.