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    197 Cabasse CD Changer

    Hello, I BELIEVE i have a 197 with a cd change, its a Cabasse headunit with lights above the numbers and the amp under the driver seat but i'm struggling to insert any CD's??? i feel silly for asking :thumbdown:... i have pressed load, and then i press a number but nothing happens it just...
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    My new 197

    Picked up a 197 yesterday! Already, put an Aux Cable into the Cabasse Stereo system, which was an hassle to say the least, but love the car so far, except the fuel consuption, which is a slight shock to the the pocket from a 1.2 Fiat Grande Punto. Any ideas on what I should do with it...
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    Clio 197 Headunit Replacement

    I am looking to change the headunit in my clio as the cabasse auditorium tronic 6 disc changer is broken. Does anyone have a link to the adapter that i would need to use? Thanks
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    Cabasse Auditorium Tronic

    Does anyone know where I can buy a new CD player for my 197??? Ive got the cabasse auditorium tronic 6 disc changer but a cd got stuck.. I took it apart and now its screwed!
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    Cabasse head unit change.

    I have the Cabasses system in my 197 and am keen to go aftermarket which would obviously involve replacing the head unit. Im a bit concerned with how an aftermarket head unit would fit and the effects it would have on the clock display? Just after any advise anyone has if they have been...