¿Wrap Tape in Toyosports exhaust manifold?

Hi all,

I am thinking of lining the exhaust manifolds with wrap tape, since I had problems with the starter.

Is it advisable? Is it possible that the manifolds break? Experiences?

Thanks ! :001_rolleyes:
From experience exhaust wrap traps water & will break down even a stainless pipe in time.
Much better to get them HPC coated etc if its a concern.
Having said that i have had the bare Toyosports manifold fitted for some time with no issues.
I'm thinking about wrapping the OEM exhaust manifold with this tape because of the excess heat under the bonnet. It's just too hot when driving through normal traffic at a warm day (>27°C). Will wrap the inlet manifold in tape too.

Any thoughts? Experiences? PROS/CONS?
wrapping the inlet in the heat wrap too? that would look awful and almost impossible to do. better off getting the PTFE gaskets
wrapping the inlet in the heat wrap too? that would look awful and almost impossible to do. better off getting the PTFE gaskets

PTFE wouldn't help much because our inlet is just above the engine and there's a huge heat transfer from the engine. I thought of wrapping the inlet to prevent some of that heat.

I'm not looking for any style awards. Function before fashion. :wink:

@steve11 what is this coating you talk about? Where would you get it coated?

Ceramic coating probably.
im not on about style, i just cant see how you could wrap that inlet with the heat wrap. you wouldnt be able to cover it properly. you'd be better off putting a bonnet scoop of some sort on the car if your that concerned about the heat?
Steves correct, especially with the corrosion issues you guys have. Ceramic coating is a far better option.
looking good Rene. I used the same type of tape on the boost pipes.

If anyone is interested we do stock the tape.


Constructed of highly reflective metalized polyimide film, the same material used by the space industry to protect sensitive instruments from high temperatures. The film is laminated to glass cloth using a high temperature laminating adhesive. Heat Defense withstands up to 675°F of radiant heat and self-adheres using a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive, which is protected by an easy to remove backing.

£47 for a 2" x 35' Roll posted (uk)
Will write a review in my topic when I get to a computer. Just need to translate it from croatian to english. :wink:

Bottom line: if I was to do it all over again, I would get it sanded and ceramic coated.

If I will be going (again) for the head work, then I'll have a PTFE gasket made.
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That's not a real inlet temperature because the inlet heats the sensor. I have realocated the sensor on to the V6 airbox. The improvement is massive.

Have even measured with the laser thermometer.

The temperature on the inlet sensor is larger than the inlet temperature.