1. Yeorge

    197 Rear Damper Removal Tips?

    Might sound like a noob, but need advice on removing the rear dampers.. So my rear dampers are on the way out and have some CUP replacements. I gave it a go at the weekend but the 16mm nuts wont budge off the top mounts. I am aware you need to keep the damper still, any ideas? I will give it...
  2. A

    Best thing to do with standard non cup suspension

    I bought a non cup 197 clio that i want to use for sprints, hillclimbs and trackdays. What is the best thing to do with the suspension on a budget? I don't think I can stretch to coilovers atm. Am I better getting springs / cup springs / just leaving it for best handling? Thanks in advance!
  3. G

    Swivel hubs.

    I'm sure this has been asked a load of times... I know my os swivel joint has got quite a bit of movement in it (wheel moves side to side when in the air) i did think it was ball joint but been told it's swivel. The car seems to torque steer ALOT & dives left under hard braking... Will a new...
  4. B

    Spring Colour Codes

    Hello, I'm looking to change my shocks/springs to non-cup and need some information on the colour markings. The 197 buyer's guide has great info on 197s but I can't seem to find info on 200s. As far as I can gather the spring markings are: 197 non-cup front: blue/green 197 non-cup rear...
  5. S

    Spring Rates & Damper Rebound - Rid me of this dreadful 200 Cup suspension

    Hi All, as per the post title. Has anyone come up with a solution to tame the awful damping of the Cup set up, on a 200? I'm now 1500 miles into my ownership, the last 300 miles being on the usual poor quality tarmac and undulating roller coaster of British B roads. I cannot fault the 200 in...
  6. botxan

    which one fits better with my H&R 29103-1/ -2?

    Hi, I want to change the suspension but I don´t know which one will be the best. I´ve got H&R 29103 Springs (40mm) thanks in advance