197 Rear Damper Removal Tips?


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Might sound like a noob, but need advice on removing the rear dampers..
So my rear dampers are on the way out and have some CUP replacements. I gave it a go at the weekend but the 16mm nuts wont budge off the top mounts. I am aware you need to keep the damper still, any ideas?
I will give it another go this weekend as its seems such an easy job. Will keep the car on the ground this time too, is that all required to do it?



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May be worth trying grips? Unless they have a little torx/hex in the top. I'm not sure what the stock ones are like, i know on my bilsteins they're a little flat looking piece, i assume fitted with grips.

Also, if you can get your hands on an impact that'll buzz the nut right off no bother.


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yeah its not quite a torx or hex, but I think grips are the best option. Gunna get my mate over as another pair of hands and should hopefully be able to do it.


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I used as you say 16mm spanner and a small adjustable too

Lock that underneath and attempt to spin the nut loose with the 16
The adjustable will rotate and lock against the interior, thus allowing the nut to be removed
Just leave it finger tight so you don’t end up dropping to damper straight off