1. G

    Cooling help

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2012 Clio RS 200 and since I’ve gotten it it has been over heating. This only happens when it’s been sitting in the sun in traffic for a while and or slowing down and speeding up for speed bumps. I got the car from wales and I really don’t want to drive 5...
  2. W


    Hi ladies and gentlemen. Right i have a problem with my manifold looking to upgrade to a sports manifold and most place do is only fits upto 2011 and my rs200 is a 2012 so just wondering if that would fit mine
  3. RCC Racing

    Rs 200 springs + engine mounts wanted

    Evening. I have not long purchased an RS 200 (2010) I am hoping to do the hsa series next year and need to return it to standard. Has anyone put lowering springs on their car and want to sell the old springs. It’s non cup btw Also I need to replace the mounts for engine, please see picture. I...
  4. E

    RS200 Internal Engine Light Ticking - Suspected Crankshaft Bearing

    Hi All, The car was recently in the garage for a replacement O2 sensor, I noticed a very light ticking noise develop over the last 1000 miles (LH Side Engine Bay). When I drive the car, the ticking is in sync with the revs and is mostly noticeable around 1500-2000 revs. The garage also...
  5. E

    Evo's RB Clio 200 CUP

    First and foremost, welcome fellow petrol heads, car enthusiasts and lurkers to my Project/Progress Thread. I am the proud owner of a Clio RS200 CUP MK3 (2009) in Racing Blue; purchased in February 2019 with approximately 79,000 miles. As of writing this post, I've owned the car for 4 days...
  6. E

    Clio RS200 Racing Blue - South East New Member

    Hi All, New member and first time post, I recently collected my very first Renault last weekend.. Clio RS200 in Racing Blue. It's the CUP model, although.. it's only just come to my attention that there's the FF model - I wouldn't have minded the extra's (cruise control, climate control, colour...
  7. E

    RS200 MK3 - Ticking Noise with Revs

    Hi All, I became the proud owner of a Clio RS200 CUP MK3 last weekend. I'm still becoming familiar as to how she drives, the clutch, steering and the 'normal' car sounds. I've noticed that there is a 'ticking' noise which I've become slightly concerned about. It's had a full service...
  8. Hamad

    Mud Flaps reco

    Hello guys i am looking for mud flaps for my RS200 any recommendation? Regards
  9. M

    New member Potential buyer

    Hi everyone, new to the forum so will have to bear with me! Looking at getting rid of my current car, (65 plate VW polo GTI 1.8lt 190bhp) and buying a 2010 Clio 3 RS200 Cup. Just wondering if any of the lads on here would know certain things I should look out for at the garage/ things I should...
  10. Alex Ford

    Silverstone GP progress thread!

    So, here is my Silverstone GP (36/50) Fully loaded with a limited paint scheme, she's abit of a minter! Photo below is the day I first got it and gave it a good days detail. Instead of constantly updating my gallery I thought I'd start a progress thread for future reference and for any...
  11. J

    RSTuner box for Clio RS200? previous experiences welcome

    Hi Guys, I do not yet even own a 200 however I get way to excited and start looking at things anyway! So my question is: Has anyone used an RSTuner box from the below site? What are the benefits/letdowns? Does it have any...
  12. Ckzzz

    A racing blue love story.

    Afternoon, It is 14:09 on a Tuesday afternoon and after spending the entire day so far reading different progress threads, checking out all of your pictures, getting ideas on modifications etc.. I figured it's time I started a progress thread. Quick boring introduction: My names Cameron...
  13. I

    My first upgrades 2012 RS200 LY. Need your inputs.

    Hi Guys, Still waiting for my Clio to arrive, but since I will be travelling to Germany next week I thought it would be a good idea to order some parts online and save the shipping fees. BTW I am from Bahrain, Persian Gulf and I need to be careful with purchasing the correct items. Here is my...
  14. L

    Clio RS 200T Issues Update

    As most of you know i've had a the runt of the litter with the new clio rs 200T's. had the car for a few months now and its been back to the garage 4 times since purchased. now my opinions don't account for all Renault service garages but the ones in question are the mansfield service center...