1. G

    Clio 200 Indie Suggestions for Hub Replacement

    Hey All, Anyone know a good independant garage in the Leamington Spa/ Coventry area please? Made the cardinal sin of taking my 2011 Gordini to a main dealer in Leamington for an MOT due to expecting at the most a non dangerous failure I can take away elsewhere. They have failed it for broken...
  2. G

    No. 496

    Number 496 has been mine for a little while now. Found out its one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK as per a letter from Renault I found hidden in the previous owners paperwork!
  3. G

    Modify Rare Gordini Opinion

    Hi All, New here so not sure where to post, apologies. I've had a clio 200 gordini for a few months now and recently learned that I have one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK, and the only black one with the original stripes and alloys (found some pics of the other one for sale on...
  4. Gordini

    New Member in Surrey Saying Hello

    Hi everyone, new owner here based in Epsom, Surrey. Bought my RS a few weeks back now and really enjoying it. I'm ashamed to say I actually went for.... wait for it...... a Gordini :scared: Seen loads of negative comments which I do largely understand (mostly it didn't live...
  5. Pina13jpc

    Hi everyone - Introducting pina13jpc

    Hi guys, I'm João, I'm Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. I'm 18 years old (almost 19) and have owned a Clio RS Gordini since last November. This 200 Gordini is 2012 registered and number 950. It is my first car and I simply love it! :proud: I'll leave here some pictures and introduce the car in...
  6. S

    Hello from 133.net

    I have met a few members at FCS and Trax last year so thought it about time to register and say hello before the 2012 shows kick off. I'm Neil (singlespeed), one of the mods from Twingo133.net, with a slightly modified RS133 Gordini
  7. Curley

    Updates of my Gordini [No. 434]

    Just a few quick snaps I got when picking it up. Traveled over 2 hours to pick No. 434 up from Arnold Clark Renault in Wigan on my 21st birthday 2 days ago. Nice little treat for myself. The dealer even gave me the steering wheel insert as a birthday present :D Phone pic while the tank was...
  8. mdswente

    Gordini - My First Pictures

    Good Day all Well since picking up the car on Monday we have not had the best weather, so yesterday being the first dry day I took the opportunity to wash it and take some pictures. Enjoy! :thumbup: