1. manmr94

    Gear stick slow recenter

    I bought a second hand gearbox after i did a gearshift mistake. Before install this gearbox in my car i decided to rebuild it. But when it was installed i noticed that my gear stick recentering was slow. Has anyone had the same problem?
  2. treschermotorsport

    Best Gearbox Oil for Clio 197 for Race Use

    What's up Clio Family! I have a question regarding gearbox oil for my Clio 197. I'm using my Clio 197 only for race use (hillclimb & slaloms), it is not road approved anymore, so i'm only use it for competition use and looking for the best gearbox oil for the TL4 gearbox for these conditions...
  3. W

    Pure motorsport gear linkage Setup.

    Hi Does anyone know any video out there for setting up one of these shifter, I had to install a new engine mount on the gearbox side and now have a problem getting into 1st and 2nd gear and it not the gearbox or clutch.
  4. T

    TL4 Gearbox Bearings!

    Does anyone know of a gearbox bearing kit and or the part numbers for parts needed to rebuild a gearbox, need numbers for bearings and seals and or if anyone can point me in the direction of a kit! Thank you
  5. A

    2009 RS 197 Out of Storage Woes!

    Hey all Recently took my 2009 197 out of storage after 3 years and am doing a bit of a fix-up project (120,000km's)! I've noticed the following issues so far and haven't been able to confirm the causes yet (although I have yet to pull everything apart, which I'll do over the Xmas break). 1/...
  6. T

    Gearbox 3rd/4th Synchro Replacement

    Hi all. I have the common issue with the 3rd/4th synchro and want to carry out the repair myself. I'm not new to gearbox rebuilds however these automotive items are always tricky and i've never been inside a Renault yet. I want to know if anyone has and technical info on a gearbox rebuild...
  7. B

    Gearstick can move around while in gear

    So 2 weeks ago I got the 3rd & 4th gear synchro rings replaced in my 200 gearbox. While driving (quite gently on motorway) today I noticed the stick felt funny moving into 6th, kind of mushy when pushing it right. When pushing the stick to the left in neutral and letting go, it snaps back to...
  8. lewisflintham

    Check Auto Gearbox

    1. "Check auto gearbox". Anyone had this appear on the dash. Started the car, midday on Thursday, and there was a slight delay from pressing start, to it actually turning over. Then it showed "check auto gearbox" on the trip display. Turned the car off and on again, and it all seems fine. Got it...
  9. H

    New gearbox time. Gripper diff to cheer me up

    Well the time has come for my 197 gearbox to be replaced at 80,000 miles. So new one is on the way with a nice gripper diff too. so I'm wandering, what's peoples experience with the gripper diff's?
  10. B

    problem with the clutch clio 197

    Hello members I've got clio 3 RS 197 with really strange problem. After changing the clutch and clutch slave cylinder went on a drive and after about 40 kilometers it started to spin I've read that the problem might be in the master cylinder but i took it out and did sumo testing and it seams to...
  11. S

    Problem after Problem! :(

    I'm posting this for two reasons...firstly to have a little rant and secondly for a little bit of advice. Okay so I have had the Clio a little over 8 weeks now (brought on the 19th July) – I then flew to Bulgaria for a week, in this week my mum used the car as hers was being repaired, she...
  12. C

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hi all, Just joined after picking up my 08 plate 197(Metallic silver):thumbup1:. Very happy with finding this great looking car, just hoping it doesn't cause me too much trouble! Got it booked in for Tracking 4 wheel alignment this week as I noticed that it's pulling left alot...
  13. F

    Replacement gearbox

    Hey guys just put a depost down on a lovely 197 that I will be collecting Friday next week, 2008 32k miles on the clock! Only worry is the dealer said that the gearbox has been replaced around a year ago under warranty. The new one feels very precise so assuming nothing is wrong now but am I...
  14. Troopy

    Help Wanted Please: All Gearbox Issues with Renault UK

    Hi to all, great to see the site back up and running!! Sorry you had so much hassle trying to solve the issue. I would really appreciate anyone who has been in contact with Reanult UK about Gearbox issues to add to this thread the details (dates etc if possible) about what was wrong and what...
  15. tchalikias

    New 200 - gearbox noise normal?

    Hello all, a few days ago I got myself a brand new Clio RS 200. I find the driving experience incredible. However, I have a question about a noise (I know, I know, these are Renaults, they make all sorts of noises... but I digress since this is a new car). This is a noise that can...
  16. Goslowpro

    Gearbox Problems??

    Has anyone experienced problems with the gearbox/clutch on their 197. Occasionally when I change into second gear the car lurches forward quite violently and I have to dip the clutch to kill the power transfer. It only ever happens in second and appears to be totally random. Any advice would be...