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    Looking for caliper powder coating - Yorkshire

    LSN Coatings in Castleford get my vote. They have done plenty of wheels for me, and the upper inlet manifold on my Clio. I have spoken to them about calipers before, wouldn't hesitate to use them.
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    Laguna driver trapped for an hour at 125mph with no!

    Holding the switch on an electronic handbrake will make the car do an emergency stop.
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    Cup racer project.

    Pleased to see one of those bumpers being used! Will be keeping an eye on this, best of luck!
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    Please be careful when de icing

    Fan heater + extension lead + RCD plug. Pop it in 15 min before you want to leave. Job done.
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    Aftermarket bulbs

    Must be the ones to go for then, but not the Extreme Brilliance.
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    Looking for a new snow foam

    Have you tried Bilt Hamber foam, I think "Autofoam", doesn't foam that much but has an excellent rep on dw for actually lifting the muck.
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    Aftermarket bulbs

    On the flip side, I have had Bosch (standard spec) headlamp bulbs fail in as little as a month. Know what you mean though, Halfords "Extreme Brilliance" have had very short lives in my wife's CR-V, and were not perceptibly better than standard, nor were Bosch's uprated bulbs when I replaced one...
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    Grumpy Twig the Jurno

    Can I just EMail it to you?
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    Grumpy Twig the Jurno

    Picked up a copy tonight, looks like most of it is my buyers guide which to be fair I edited and sent over to him. Quite chuffed TBH! N0ddie - what should I do with the updated version, should I just edit my original buyers guide on here?
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    Parrot mki9200 with cabasse

    Post 40
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    Parrot mki9200 with cabasse

    You can do it, very easy, check out my project thread, I think around page 13. If you can't find it just send me a PM.
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    Grumpy Twig the Jurno

    Did I get a mention?
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    Parrot hands free mounting.

    I mounted the screen on the dash beside the A pillar and the controller opposite the start button.
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    Ultraracing rear arb

    Stiffer front ARB made the understeer much worse, so stiffer rear should help. Stiffening the rear will usually reduce understeer in favour of oversteer, when it gets too much you start stiffening the front to counterbalance.
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    People moving on from clio

    Don't you find the Clio a bit "easy" on track though? I thought it was great fun but arguably doesn't necessarily reward a skilled driver that much more than a complete amateur. I do occasionally miss mine but wouldn't have another due to the poor fuel economy and expensive component failure...