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    Pick up day

    So...I never really bonded with the car as I'd hoped I might and I replaced it a few weeks back. I'd still say that it was a cracking handling car and that it was most at home being driven hard round some B roads. On those types of roads it could keep easily keep up with (and even shame) many of...
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    THE picture / take a drive thread. Lets have some fun !

    Chris91, have you killed this thread?! :rofl:
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    197 F1 Newbie after some advise please - throttle response

    Is it not just for overriding the cruise control/speed limiter? I'm fairly certain that that's the purpose of it being dual stage.
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    Black R27 Fife, Scotland

    Welcome to the forum and wonderful to see another Scottish member! [emoji1303] I'd also be interested to know whereabouts in Fife you are as I am quite often down in the East Neuk.
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    Company car

    BMW M235, almost as fast as the M2 but at considerably less cost.
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    Front Splitter

    I've enquired and he was going to look into costings and asses the viability of a discounted group buy. I'll let you know when I hear back.
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    Id recommend a good quality clay mitt over a clay bar, especially if it's your first time at it. They're far easier to use, produce the same effects and are far less time consuming. I favour the chemical guy's mitts but unless there's a shop close by then I'd source it elsewhere as they're...
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    You tease!! I'm guessing (Scorpion) a resonated car back exhaust system...?
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    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    That sounds amazing!
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    197: Little mods <£20

    One of the only things that I think you forgot was the Silvervision Indicator bulbs all round to get rid of the fried egg look front and back.
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    White Clio 200 cup pack

    Keep it!!! I genuinely believe that you'll regret selling it if you do, especially after the time and money that you've spent on it.
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    197: Keycard disaster, all the missus fault!

    Possibly still water trapped in the key's circuitry. It'd be worth burying it in a bag of rice or in those silica packs you often find in mailed packages. It does the trick more often than you'd think.
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    197: Keycard disaster, all the missus fault!

    I wouldn't imagine that your spare key is a dud. Perhaps worth disconnecting the battery for a short period of time and then reconnecting it to see if it resets the alarm?
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    Best snow foam and best wheel cleaner?

    I'm a keen detailer but I've never fully subscribed to snow foaming. I find that it's often more drama than actual cleaning properties. However, my favourite and most effective snow foam recommendation is this, which is also gentle on your LSP and won't remove it or reduce its effectiveness...
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    THE picture / take a drive thread. Lets have some fun !

    Good man darren9.