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    Finding my old 197

    Afternoon all, I haven't been on here for quite sometime, after selling my old 197 I moved into the VW group. Having looked the build threads, I'm curious to see if my 197 is still around.. Reg MA57 UJY Thanks Matt
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    Anyone using a connects2?

    Hi jase, As per PM. Does this help? From memory, it wasn't the installing that took the time. It was getting the correct music format.
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    197: RB Clio 197 spotted

    Parked up in Caterham today around 5pm. Very nice :)
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    Time to say Bye to the Clio :(

    Well, I thought i would just drop in. I picked up the new car in Sept 13 and waved goodbye to the Clio. The new car is a Skoda Vrs MkII. Picked up with 400 miles on the clock and its now on 4200. For the daily trip on the M25 its great. The DSG is working well for me, and it has surprised a...
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    Whats your Job?

    I work for Caterham School :). But I travel from Kent. You will not see me in a Clio. It will now be a Skoda Gray/Black
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    Whats your Job?

    I work in a School in Caterham :)
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    Time to say Bye to the Clio :(

    The clio will be traded In at the dealership. (Next sat)
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    Time to say Bye to the Clio :(

    Thanks All. Il get some better pictures up soon.
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    Time to say Bye to the Clio :(

    Well, Its confirmed, time to say au revoir to the Clio next saturday. And Hallo to my new companion. I have enjoyed the Clio Since 2011 and to be fair, not much has gone wrong. The occasional cold winters morning, when the brakes are a pain. And the gearbox is not at it best. However, with...
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    Albi 197 - Caterham

    This could of been me. I work in Caterham, what time was it? 5.30pm (ish)
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    Steering Wheel - NO Help from Renault UK!!!

    Put a post up on RenaultSport UK Forums. You may get a better response. Even though you have spoken to CS, they may ask you to call them again .. :)
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    K-Tec exhaust and remap

    Your best bet is to Call them. Telephone number is on thier website: They "might" provide a discount if you are having both done at the same time :)
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    Polishing by hand

    Hi all, I have been using AF Triple and AG SRP for a while now. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions on a good hand polish? Cheers Matt
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    Squeaky Squeaky

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    Squeaky Squeaky

    Seem to be getting this squeaking noise from the steering wheel. Any ideas? It doesn't do it when I first start driving. After 5 mins it seems to start. At slow speeds.