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    Looking for my old car

    Hi all, Does anyone know of RF07 UCY, Nimbus Grey 197 with 200 Recaros. Sold through K-Tec around a year ago but Gov website shows as untaxed and no MOT since then (Could be a numberplate change?) Interested in potentially buying it back.
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    RIP Red 197 - Thanks to Richard Hammond.

    I wouldn't mind so much if it was even funny. Don't understand why these guys are so rated, has-beens if you ask me
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    Lambo doors on a clio...

    I'll just leave that there..
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    engine revs holding

    My revs seem to be very slow at falling, (just in neutral and revving it) is this normal? If so I'm after a lightened flywheel lol Can anyone link me to a video of a 197 being revved? Thanks in advance Kieren
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    Chris Harris on 197

    Theres a vid of Jethro driving a 200 cup on YT but not seen an article. Let me know if you find it!
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    200: Martini Livery in Nurburgring Video

    Recognise the livery from someone on here...? 6.49 just after the civic rolls over
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    Ultra Red Clio 200: Project Clubsport

    This is the best modified clio I've ever seen, want to do something similar!
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    Looking for a racer to make a video on!

    Hi Guys, I make YouTube videos as a hobby and I'm looking for someone that races to make a video on - basically to talk on camera about what its like and to shadow you on a race day, could be go advertising for sponsorship or what have you. I just need to boost my portfolio of work! You can...
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    Corbeau Clubsport?

    What does an fia stamp actually mean do you know? sorry to hijack
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    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    I normally do embrace the rattles but this one gets to me lol
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    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    Wicked, I'm happy to pull it all apart now i know theres a bolt there. cheers
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    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    tried that also, now my car stinks of TF2 lol
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    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    excuse the labrador hair...
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    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    Anyone else had this? Since I've had my Recaros put in I've had a squeak whenever the back moves, tightened up the bolts shown in the picture and it has significantly bettered it as these were very loose. Problem is its still speaking occasionally, are there symmetrical bolts on the other side...
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    Handbrake problem

    I have a similar issue but i don't use the car for weeks at a time - I've started leaving the handbrake off and putting chocks under the wheels and in gear lol, so much better