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    Door buttons don't lock door - Clio 200

    77 01 478 162 Definitely the right part number I have the packaging from a brand new one I bought right in front of me. Bought mine from Bristol Street Motors at Chesterfield. I think its the Nissan/Skoda parts hub, but being Nissan, they do all the Renault parts. Just phoned them up and they...
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    JMR's LY200

    Thanks mate Hehe :thumb: Yeah why not pop it round lol :grinning:
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    Brembo or Renault Brake Discs?

    I have the Pagid rear discs with the bearing built in to them. Also got them from Eurocarparts. Been on a couple of years now and are fine.
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Found the thread too thanks mate.
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    This one that you painted. Upper or lower or whatever its called :tongueclosed:
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    When you remove the drivers side upper engine mount do you have to support the engine or anything? My bracket, like yours could just do with a little tickle up and a coat of satin black. Mrs has had the car all week so I've not been able to lift the bonnet and refresh my memory of what's what?
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Great thread lads I've just read right through from the start. Hats off to you for putting all this effort in. Engine bay looks top class
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    Rattle from my fuel tank

    Mmm, Luke's last visit was Oct 2020. Not too long ago, a bump of the thread might send him a notification
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    JMR's LY200

    @Frank Perry microswitches not arrived yet :confused: Hope they've not got lost in the post.
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    JMR's LY200

    I'd like to clean up and repaint the calipers. Probably just stay grey as they are, or tempted for red, but then it looks like I've got the Cup chassis, but I've not. Thinking though, black calipers would look stealth particularly behind the all gloss black wheels :sunglasses:
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    197/200 Valeo Rear wiper £3.53 at Eurocarparts!!

    Rear wiper on my MK3 RS200 has split so I went on ECP to buy a new one. Saw they were cheap as chips, and ordered 2 of them!! They came out at £3.53 each :thumb: These parts are exactly the same as fitted when...
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    JMR's LY200

    Just a little job I've been meaning to sort out for a while. Tarnished wheel bolts! Popped a couple of bolts out of each wheel at a time, degreased them, prepped with a sanding pad and cleaned with IPA. 3 coats of Hammerite satin black spray paint, then fit them at the end of the day :thumb: A...
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    Battery change on Clio RS IV

    Have you had a look what the prices are like on (ECP's online only site) In fact if its cheaper, if you phone ECP they will match the price. I don't usually have many issues with batteries, but I have only replaced one in donkeys years and that was on my 182 Cup, I think I...
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    Silicon sleeve for 200 key card (MK3)

    I remember a while ago seeing a nice silicon sleeve for the mk3 Clio 200 key card (don't know if it is the same key card for the 197?) I have a 3 button key card, but its keyless entry, so I don't ACTUALLY have to use the buttons, but my buttons are hardly legible. They're almost see through...
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    197 rb progress thread

    Yeah it worked mate 2nd time round :thumb: If you want to properly tag/mention people just put @ before their username - when you start typing it will give you a list of who starts with K-Y etc @Kyle57