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    **VOTE** POTM March 2019

    A runaway victory for @Priyank.A , second month in a row that you take the crown! Congratulations mate. I will alter your profile avatar and post the photo on our Instagram page! The winning entry: Many thanks to all who entered and also to everyone who took the time to cast a vote...
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    **VOTE** POTM March 2019

    Thank you for all the votes so far - keep them coming!
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    Who do I talk to about Group Buy?

    Pav covered everything in his reply - there is no need to get Admin permission for a forum Group Buy. Feel free to set one up as described above. The only time we would step in is if it was clearly a business that was advertising their services, without being a paid Trader.
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    POTM April 2019

    The start of April, but none of us here are fools, so here we are with another Photo of the Month contest. As per the plan, this month's theme is SHOWERS. As with all themes, creativity and originality is what we love! So snap away and enter your photos into the thread below, bearing in mind...
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    **VOTE** POTM March 2019

    Welcome to the voting thread for March POTM, It was a Free for All theme and although the number of entries was limited, the quality was outstanding - thank you to all who submitted a picture. Please cast a vote for your choice of Photo of the Month for March using the poll option at the top...
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    ***VOTE*** POTM February 2019

    Congrats @Priyank.A great photo. Thanks to all who entered! The voting thread for March will be going up shortly!
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    (READ) Editing Posts

    Done for you Matt, very sorry for the delay!
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    POTM March 2019

    Welcome to the Photo of the Month March 2019! As per the plan that was posted up at the end of last year, this month's theme reverts back to a 'Free for All'! 1. This is a Clio forum - and a [preferably your] Clio needs to be somewhere in the shot. 2. You may enter more than one photo to show...
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    Welcome to the forum, Leon!
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    Name change

    All sorted, as per your PM!
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    New Members viewing Classifieds - PLEASE READ

    As a New Member, when you first register to use, your access to the Classifieds/For Sale section of the forum will be restricted - you will be able to go into the forum section, but not be able to read/interact/post within individual threads. To gain access to these threads, and...
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    Viewing classifieds threads??

    As Eddie says, it has been a question that's been asked many a time, however that does suggest that it isn't the easiest thing to find on the forum... I will put together a thread with the relevant steps included and Sticky it in the New Members section. I'll update this thread with a link to...
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    Actually bought myself a 200 finally-

    Looks fantastic Steve and as Turkie says, it was always going to be a spot on example that found its way into your ownership!
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    Possibly selling need advice

    Speaking from recent personal experience, selling privately is a ball-ache and not something I'd be willing to do again in a hurry. Selling to a trader/dealer is easier, but as Peter says, the money you'll get will be a lot less... I also found it quite tricky to price mine at the right point...
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    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Congrats on the promotion Chris, nice one mate! Mo' money and a company whip - you've lucked in there my friend! Well-earned though, I'm sure ;) Good to hear the 200 is running well, and even better that you get to keep the miles off her now too. Looking forward to hearing about the new...