POTM April 2019


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The start of April, but none of us here are fools, so here we are with another Photo of the Month contest. As per the plan, this month's theme is SHOWERS. As with all themes, creativity and originality is what we love! So snap away and enter your photos into the thread below, bearing in mind the following rules and guidelines:

1. This is a Clio forum - and a [preferably your] Clio needs to be somewhere in the shot.
2. You may enter more than one photo to show your skills! However only the first one submitted counts.
3. Older photos are allowed, with it being a themed month.

Entries will be accepted until the end of the month, with voting beginning shortly after.

Thank you as always to you all for continuing to support POTM!


Winner - POTM Fenruary, March 2019
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Photo of the Month is my favourite part of this forum, come on everyone! Let’s get the cameras out and get some entries in!
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A moody Scottish sky has a beauty of it's own too!
I agree! I should have said Scotland I know and love. I got the best of both worlds as it was dry when I was chucking the car around a bit and I got to see it like this when I was driving home through it again.

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