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    What size dry cell battery?

    EBay 121273253589 has work absolutely fine for me, only problem I ever had was when it does when it was left for a few weeks, quick charge and it was spot on again
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    Clutch/clutch pedal HELP!

    No fluid loss, what else could it be?
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    Blue 200 saturday

    Spotted you at bells last night J_gadd4
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    Clutch/clutch pedal HELP!

    When you say popped out... I can pop it back in....?
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    Clutch/clutch pedal HELP!

    Driving down the m1 140 miles from home last night and my clutch pedal decided it doesn't want to do anything anymore... Great. Spent the whole journey in rush hour traffic praying I don't stop on a hill. Question is does anyone have any idea what the problem is? About 10 miles before, it...
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    Cold air feed via the under engine splash shield scoop.

    Wouldn't have thought it's the best idea, would get loads of sh*t from down there
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    RB 197 Redcar Today

    Iv just moved my ab to redcar now too ;)
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    Samsung Galaxy S4

    He owns a 'farari' ;)
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    Learn something new every day!
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    The tyres do help massively, but I would have thought putting fatter at the front would ruin handling.
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    Removing Rear Airbags

    I used a stanley knife and brute force...
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    My Full Fat Mistress - 293bhp F4RT - The end of an era...

    I was thinking about doing the same...
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    Clio197 poker night (Texas Holden) anyone

    Another night sounds better to me at the moment, still sat at the premier Inn waiting for my food!