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    "Don't buy a Renault" They told me.....

    This is shocking, have you contacted the ombudsman for the dealerships. I think they would be very interested in this case and it'll definately help push for the right action to be taken. I suggest you take a few people down with you when you go into the dealership then you have some witnesses...
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    Why do we buy Renault

    My family has had Renaults for the past 10 years all from new. 51 plate Laguna - went back @ 120000 and 3years old with only fault being gearbox at 70k 54 plate Scenic - went back @ 145000 miles and 4 years old - only fault was a callopsed inlet valve to the turbo at 80k 58 plate Laguna - went...
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    "Don't buy a Renault" They told me.....

    I've never come across a 'good' Renault dealer yet. I'vd dealt with co-op mansfield and Brian Leightons in Howden and Evans Halshaw S****horpe. All have had shocking levels of customer after-sales service. I recently took the 200 to Bristol Street Motors Hyundai Mansfield who now do Renaults...
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    RS monitor & Bluetooth.

    I'm unsure as I believe they was seperate upgrades when placing an order from the factory. When I ordered mine in June 11 the R.S monitor was supposed to be discontinued unless they've brought it back? Someone should be along who can help you out better soon :)
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    "Don't buy a Renault" They told me.....

    You need tell the dealer that you going to write and get in contact with the ombudsman about the situation as thats simply not acceptable practise. Chances are they will want to keep away from it going that far as it'll all go under investigation and could wreak their business. I had a similar...
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    Relatively new (to Albi 197 Owner Based in Sheffield.

    Hi Fletch, Welcome to the forum, thats got to be a pretty early 197 on a 06 plate - looks a beauty so keep it up :) I've drove an Evo 5 before and even though they stupidly rapid, you can still have a lot more fun in the Clios. Whats your brothers thoughts on the 197 compared to the 182? We'll...
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    Highest mileage 197/200

    Angel, I believe what you say is the case, under-use allows time for the seals to dry out and perish. For items such as brakes, clutchs, starters and alternaters time to sieze up. Whereas a 'working' car the components are constantly being lubricated or used allowing them to stay otimal for as...
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    Highest mileage 197/200

    Well its only 32000 miles a year average so could have spent its life on a, b and country roads. Well I can think of much better motorway cruisers than the 197 and it would seem a shame to use one on a motorway all the time if you ask me :p
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    Highest mileage 197/200

    Would probably make a good runaround or track slag. Be a shame to ruin it though if its as good as it looks in the pictures
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    Highest mileage 197/200

    This must be the highest mileage Clio 197/200 out on the road and a potential bargain too if its in as good condition as the seller states its in: 160k isn't too bad to aim for :D
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    Yipeeee...just got up to 30mpg!

    Best I've seen was 42mpg taking it steady on the way to lincoln but after a traffic jam and some foot down action it soon dropped to 32mpg so well done sir, my average is 27/28mpg running on 99 ron fuel
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    To 5 or not to 5

    I'm with 3 on my I-phone 4 and pretty much always get signal wherever I am in the country, sometimes dip out in cornwall area and scotland but most of the time I can always get out. The internet service is very good on 3G too :) Mines due an upgrade this month but I'm not sure whether to go 4s...
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    Stuck r27 or ag 200 cup

    The 200 box is different to the 197, I believe it has shorter ratios which was what helped provide the 200 with the lower down grunt. The cup chasis on the 200 is also supposed to be more stiffer than the 197's cup chasis from what I read up when I was looking into the 197 and 200. An R27 will...
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    I like the looks of the RCZ but when I sat in one, it felt a little cramped and the buttons on the dashboard made it look like you needed a degree to operate it lol, needless to say thats I went for the more basic layout of the Clio
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    How to earn a £25 parking ticket...

    I always go for an end bay then park as far over as possible tight up to the curb to try prevent people damaging my motors. The electric mirrors come in handy for tight parking up for the curbs :)