Spirit Blue Fiesta ST

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    Cheers folks.

    Unfortunately not as I'm on call. I didnt even consider it tbh when I was making up the on call rota as trackdays this time of year up there tend to get cancelled due to weather.

  2. I know, I've usually got £100 lying at Knockhill because of a cancelled day.
  3. N0ddie

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    Mini JCW
    So the last couple of days have seen the little FiST treated to some goodies. Yesterday was top up the coolant (Its forever sat at the minimum line) and change the engine oil (Another 5000 miles before the 3rd service is due). Cleaned her up good though after this morning drive to Sitech its grey/brown again.

    Anyhoo! My Spec-R intercooler and hard pipe kit arrived at Sitech yesterday so I went this morning to get it all fitted. A couple of hours and some dyno rums later we have some figures:


    An increase in 5bhp over the last dyno run. We worked that wheel power figure translates to 246 engine horsepowers. Si thinks going back to the open cone induction will give a tiny bit more (Which I'll be swapping back to in the spring when the roads aren't all salty and I'll keep the Finsport box for winter running). We also worked out that the Spec-R stuff is 30% more efficient than the Mountune cooler we ran before so the zillions of money forked out for the Spec-R stuff was worth it.

    Plans are now to just enjoy her for how she is until after summer holidays then (with some persuasion from Simon) I'll go down the Peron turbo route.
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    my st used to use water.....not the best of signs :book:
  5. Also this your cars is amazing! i love color i love it!

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    So I had the little FiST up at Knockhill on Saturday. Was hoping it would be dry so I could put the new suspension/tyres to the test (In the hope for better lap times) however the big man upstairs didn't help out. It was wild. Lashing rain and howling gales. The first trackway I've not really enjoyed. Ended up leaving after 2 hours because it was that bad.

    So! No GoPro videos however there was a photographer there so I've got some awesome track shots:















  7. Lewis.


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    Gorgeous car mate. We just got a new 1L Zetec S Ecoboost for the wife and it looks stunning. Quite nippy for a 1L too with the turbo. How do you find this in comparison to your Clio 200? PS. I know yours is a 1.6 turbo btw :smile:

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