Spirit Blue Fiesta ST

Discussion in 'Projects & Progress' started by N0ddie, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    It's the Peron kit.

    Sitech are the first to have one fitted to their development car.

  2. Skag181


    Clio R27
    Looking forward to reading more
  3. Stephenvenning

    Stephenvenning Gold Member

    Clio 197
    Oh right.

    very nice car anyway, my mate has one in that colour and it's bloody gorgeous!
  4. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Our little blue beast finally has some numbers.

    207whp & 249.36ft/lbs



    This is running:

    • Revo Stage 2
    • Mountune Intercooler
    • Sitech Induction Kit
    • 3" Scorpion Cat back (De-cat didn't arrive in time to get fitted so thats happening a week tomorrow)

    Pretty chuffed with the results tbh. It equates to 241.something bhp @ the flywheel.
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  5. Ashton

    Ashton 200T Test Pilot Platinum Member

    Rothley, Leicester
    Clio 200T Lux EDC
    bloody hell noddie. i bet that it a little pocket rocket

    Epic as always
  6. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Yeah, she's a little bit quick lol.
  7. Nice results there Noddie :smile:
  8. LukeRS


    GW 200
    Great results they are.
  9. CL10


    Fiesta ST
    Good figures! Mine is only about 3 weeks away now :smile:
  10. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Was at Knockhill on Saturday in the FiST. First time she's been around the track since her power has been upped. A vid:


    Fastest lap was 1:04:20 (3 seconds faster than my 200). Just shows its very much a power track when you consider I'm running standard road tyres and standard suspension. The 200's best time was on Clubsports and R888s.

    The only thing that let the car down was the brakes. They were 90% worn (The front pads) when the car was serviced and inspected on Thursday. Pretty shocking when you consider they've been on the car for 6 months, 2 short trackways and a few thousand miles.
  11. academic

    academic Paid Member

    Just found this thread by accident and have read it all. Very interesting as I admire the ST, wouldn't mind one when some bargains appear on the second hand market.

    I remember reading about a Graham Goode racing tuning kit has 240bhp? Anyone tried it, or are the mountune kits the one to go for unless your after mega power upgrades?
  12. Nice little video mate, is that Harrys Lap Timer your using ?

    You might have gone quicker than its told you, its a bit behind without some sort of booster.

    Car sounds nice too, did you get the decat fitted in the end ?
  13. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    There's loads of ST's with 240bhp with the Revo upgrades. A few fair few for sale too.
  14. FaithlessEmo


    Sutton coldfield
    Renault Clio 200
    I thought you had a break upgrade to mountune discs and callipers? They still not up to the job?
  15. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    I did indeed. Didn't feel like it made any difference tbh.

    I do have the Mountune brake kit. Wasn't their fault I had worn my pads to 90% before the trackday. The last 2 outing on track with them were fine. Had my discs glowing allegedly. So when I get new pads they'll be back to their best.
  16. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    So yeah. Wasn't much left on the pads:


    Went with the alternative option of the Pagid RS29 pads. A little more aggressive but we'll see how they go.
  17. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    Had your money's worth out of them! Lol
  18. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    [MENTION=393]N0ddie[/MENTION] how's the car looking now?
  19. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    The car is looking brown lol. Needs a wash but then it always does at this time of year.

    Not much has happened since the brake pad change. Got myself a COBB gear knob and rear motor mount. Simple cheap mods that made a significant difference imo. I have on order a Spec-R intercooler and hard pipe/hose kit with expected around mid-late January. My Mountune intercooler is looking very tatty (Loads of stone chips have made it 50% black 50% silver). Also, looking at the next performance boost (Stage 3 which is hybrid turbo route) I'd need to get hard pipes better boost hoses so it made sense to get the Spec-R ones designed to go with the Spec-R intercooler.

    I'm also swithering on whether to pull the trigger on some coilovers that are on offer at the mo. Finding it very hard to resist lol.
  20. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    This sounds like it's turning into a bit of an animal over the coming year! Stage 3 sounds good :cool:

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