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Discussion in 'Projects & Progress' started by N0ddie, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Though I don't yet have the car this morning I have started to receive some "upgrade goodies" for it so thought it time to stick my own progress thread up as opposed to filling the "2013 Fiesta ST" chat thread (And its nice to have your own dedicated project thread lol).

    So, first, the car. Its a 2013 Fiesta ST in the following spec:

    • Spirit Blue
    • ST-2
    • Style Pack
    • EATC (Climate control)
    • Nav (With upgraded stereo)

    It will very much look like this:


    Meant to be picking her up on the 1st September however issues with removing our CL10 plate from the 200 to put onto Emma's Clio 4 might mean a delay in us picking her up. All depends on when we get the V5 back for the 200.

    The plan is too keep the car pretty much standard at the very least until we get back from Mexico summer holidays next year. I say this, yet I have the car booked in to have the Mountune Performance 215PS performance package fitted along with the new Mountune intercooler (In black obviously for subtlety reasons).

    The MP215 package contains the following:

    • Custom aluminium high-flow air box with dual cold air feeds
    • K&N panel air filter
    • Porous lower air feed hose
    • Required hardware/clips
    • Revised engine calibration
    • Mountune Performance Badge (Which I wont be fitting)

    What does this do in terms of performance gains? It ups the standard 180BHP to 212BHP and on the torque side its upped 10% to 328Nm. On overboost thats 224HP and 340Nm. Not bad for a £600 warranty approve performance package.

    So the car is booked in to have that fitted as soon as I pick the car up. At the same time I'll be having the new intercooler fitted. The kind man from APC couriers delivered the intercooler this morning. So naturally some pics:




    As you can see its not the biggest intercooler in the world however we all know what sort of issues running massive intercoolers can cause. Big power but the tendency to overheat the engine.

    This one is not designed for big numbers in mind. Its designed to compliment the MP215 package for uber reliability. Also the only cooler that maintains the base vehicle warranty.

    Having not yet driven one of these cars hard, I'm unsure how the brakes will perform under heavy abuse (On track obviously). However, the long term plan is to procure the Mountune 4-Pot ST Big Brake setup.

    Here the shop pic of the setup:


    Now just gotta wait to pick the car up now. Will hopefully get some pics of the actual car today as it arrived at the dealers late last night.

  2. KneeCaap


    Albi 197 FF (Dirty)
    I look forward to seeing how this thread is going to go!

    The intercooler, is that still under warranty cause its a mountune part?
    I will be getting the MP215 at the start of next year!
    just cant wait to pick the car up now, under two weeks...
  3. Only 600? I may be tempted to do that too!
  4. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Yes, the Mountune intercooler doesnt affect the base vehicle warranty. It also comes with a 12,00 mile / 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.
  5. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    £600 plus one hour worth of labour to fit the kit.

    So comes in at around £650-£680 dependant on where you take it to get fitted.
  6. For the amount power it gives out, it seems worth it.
  7. Nice one Noddie, wouldnt mind one of these myself
  8. KneeCaap


    Albi 197 FF (Dirty)
    well if thats the case the intercooler might just have to go on with the MP kit.

    ford are very good with the modifications allowed on warranty. noticed eibach springs are also allowed!
    Though still unsure what the stance is on mountune stage 2 kit that has been talked about!
  9. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Yeah! There's a lot of talk of stage 2 being an MR (Mountune Racing) product as opposed to MP (Mountune Performance) product. MR products affect the warranty of the base vehicle. Though only on the parts affected by the MR kit.
  10. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    it should have had better brakes from standard....normal ones look very weedy :bash:
  11. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    They do look tiny. However MarkCup says they lasted/performed well on track.
  12. Ashton

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    Rothley, Leicester
    Clio 200T Lux EDC
    If its Mountune Performance is a warranted item by Ford (MP165, MP185 on MK6 ST)

    If it Mountune Racing it isnt approved by Ford (MR200)

    I have had a few dealing with Maountune (besides proving the demo MK7 Fiesta ZS, and a few of the staff their cars also) and they are fudging awesome guys

    Really recommend them for anything ford.
  13. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Got to test drive it. Tis so fast, and wasnt even pushing it.

    Will stick photos up later. Definitely chuffed I picked the ST.
  14. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Spa-tacus Area Rep

    Enjoy Martin love the Blue
  15. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    seems as if ford have filled the void left by the 200....
  16. FaithlessEmo


    Sutton coldfield
    Renault Clio 200
  17. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Will keep the standard Bridgestone tyres for a while until I know how best to get the performance out of her.


    At last I've managed to upload some quick pics Emma took this afternoon of the ST at the dealership:



    And me with the big cheezer on my face taking her for a spin lol:


    Much like the Clio 4 it has to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. However, I thought she looked fudging awesome lol.
  18. Very jealous of the manufacturer approved upgrades, enjoy it :smile:
  19. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Still nothing compared to your 270bhp beast?

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