My FF Cup Packed Albi 200

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by james_h, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    I'm not really that good at photography, but as a few people had asked me to get some better pics I thought I'd give it a go..

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  2. Nice one James, but thats not picture heavy mate! ;/

    Do you have any plans for her or are you just going to enjoy the change from the 197?
  3. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Cheers mate..

    ;/ ;/;/ - I can't seem to upload big pictures to photobucket, it automoatically resizes them and makes them titchy which is annoying... they were all 300dpi (should be 72 really) and 60cms wide!

    No plans yet mate, just going to enjoy for a while :cloud9:
  4. 60 cm wide!!!! blimey. just change the dpi to 150 for Photobucket.
    This will automatically make the pic half the size and faster / easier to upload.
    Keep a high res version on your comp for prints etc.

    I really like Abli, always looks good.
    If your ever in Sheff give me a shout for a shoot.
  5. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    I usually use pics at 72dpi and about 30cms wide, just couldn't be bothered to re-size these.

    Will drop you a line if I'm ever about mate - cheers.
  6. Willis

    Willis The Gatekeeper Platinum Member

    Honda Civic EP3 Type-R
    I must admit that I'm not a big fan of those wheels, but that looks shockingly clean. Good work. :smile:
  7. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    I have to admit a year or so ago I didn't like them and thought they looked almost a little chavvy (five spoke etc) but I have to say over the last few months before buying the 200 I absolutely loved them and I now think they look great, especially anthracite against the Albi.:cloud9:
  8. Giles


    Red 197 & Trophy 220
    rubbish pics!

    only joking :wink:

    Nice pics & nice car :smile:
  9. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    looks great :thumbup:
  10. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    ha ha - you had me going there mate.

    Cheers Foxy
  11. Looks top notch
    clean example
  12. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Cheers mate. It's like a new car. I would encourage pple to not buy new and try and find one like this with hardly any miles and as new cond for £4-5k less than a new one!
  13. Exactly what i did mate, mine still smells like a new car :smile:
  14. Roy

    Roy legend

    Love the colour love the back end just still can't get used to the nose
    But still a little beauty
    Now go enjoy it:thumbup:
  15. Agree...the fronts the laziest styling going. All because Renault wanted to keep the original wings and bonnet. They really fudged it.....

    Nice clean car though....
  16. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Will do captain!

    Cheers litchy

    Regarding the styling... I just love it. I personally think Renault did a great job seeing as it was only a facelift. The gloss black looks amazing and the front diffuser is just fab IMO. Guss it's down to personal taste mate.
  17. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    treated my self to these

  18. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    a few shots from a B road blast today :smile: :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  19. really like albi blue :smiley: Looks great :smile:

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