My FF Cup Packed Albi 200

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by james_h, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Giles


    Red 197 & Trophy 220
    looks lovely mate

  2. DrDx


    Subaru BRZ SE Lux (auto) & RenaultSport Clio GT-Line EDC
    Thanks for the tip! I used Ferecla by hand and it also made the problem worse! I recently used Auto Glym paint restorer which made little difference but a quick going over by hand with Meguiars Ultimate Cut on a sponge applicator helped to bring back the black gloss! The Ferecla left an opaque 'grey' finish that I was not happy with....

  3. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    thanks for the positive comments as usual Giles. :tongueout:roud:

    The black gloss parts are an absolute pain - don't know why this is.

    I might try the Meguiars too.
  4. Only the gloss black bits on the diffuser looks brand new still. Such a shame the fronts go how they do. Ive got a million indentations from bugs in mine that i just cant shift!
  5. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    Car looks lovely, colour is fantastic!

    This is the reason why I use my 200 all the time,
    No matter how much you try to keep it clean, only summer use etc.
    It will always pick up stone chips, scratches etc.
    Mines 2012 and I'm up on 8K already, just enjoying driving it.
    Done a euro trip and everything already, such good fun to drive.

    I just use all the best stuff to wash and maintain the car,
    But drive it and enjoy as its going to get marks and it's impossible to stop without not using the car ever lol.
  6. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    mate your 100% spot on! I need to be more like that. :tongueout:roud:

    Cheers for the positive comments.
  7. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Took a trip to see Russ ZS today for a quick detail on the front part of the bonnet and the slam panel above the front bumper ... as always from Russ stunning work! well chuffed. :w00t:

  8. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    I have to say - I'm shocked that this isn't a more popular colour.

    I love the Albi - It's really similar to the Subaru Blue on the B22 and P1 and my old 172 Cup Mondial Blue - it looks ace IMO on any sports car.
  9. Giles


    Red 197 & Trophy 220
  10. Looks awesome mate!! :smiley: A cup spoiler put on and you'll be sorted. :smiley:
  11. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    cheers buddy

    funny you should say that. Been looking in to this for a while. Got the spoiler and bodyshop for painting lined up, and would do the fitting myself.

    Also looking at getting a set of Black Speedlines so I have two sets of alloys/tyres for track and road.

    Just depends on whether I decide to keep the car - unsure at the mo.
  12. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Hi all.

    Been ages since I have been on here - just been a busy time at work.

    Got a few updates to add to this blog which I am going to try and post up the weekend.. main one being the newly fitted cup spoiler ... :jump1:

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  13. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    A few months ago I decided to take off all 4 wheels for a proper clean..


    Cup Spoiler painted and fitted earlier this week.. I love it and really think it finishes the car off :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  14. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    full of win win :clap:
  15. James17

    James17 Gold Member

    AG 200
    Looks really nice, not sure if I will get the cup spoiler for my car as I think it looks a little odd on an albi blue 197. I feel is have to get all the skirts too. Haha
  16. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Cheers guys.

    I have just added the stubby aerial today - it was either a stubby aerial or some tape that came with the spoiler to protect it from the longer aerial... great french design...;/
  17. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Spa-tacus Area Rep

    Just the Donkey's Nutzzzzzzz
  18. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    cheers buddy

    Stubby Aerial fitted...


    Ordered the RS front badge today - £26 from Renault :smile:

    Thinking of wheel bolt covers now.

    Also still debating whether to swap to the speedlines - can get then cost price from a contact in Italy I know.

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