My FF Cup Packed Albi 200

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by james_h, Oct 25, 2011.

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    The speedliners would be elephant's nutzzzzzzz pic of my old girl

  2. Love how AB comes up when clear - pics looks great.

    Hows the signal with the stubby? Im tempted to buy one for the same reason (and that the standard one just looks far too long).
  3. james_h

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    Pic looks great. Tbh I really like the cup anthracites but speedlines for a 3rd of the cost is just too tempting.

    Signal is ok for me. I have to say having no aerial made no difference..but then I am in Birmingham and all radio signals are pretty good. Might be different out in the country.
  4. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Forgot to say a thanks to RS Motors for the paint and fit of the spoiler.

    Was going to do the fit myself but these guys have done it 50+ times being a Renault approved b/shop..

  5. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Front OE RS badge fitted (photos to follow)

    Demon Tweeks black wheel bolt covers fitted (photos to follow)

    Spoiler bolts primed with zinc primer and painted (photos to follow)

    New OE anthracite cup wheel centre caps to fit (photos to follow)

    Black speedlines on order direct from Speedline contact in Italy


    just need to decide on tyres
  6. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    New RS Badge


    New wheel bolt covers

  7. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Thanks to my Alloy Wheel Engineer contact in Italy....:jase:






    oh and not forgetting

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  8. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Had to change the rear quarter door/window noise/wind seals again!!

    I must have done this job about 4 times now.. Can't believe the state the seals were in and the car has only covered 12k ..where did Renault get these crap rubber seals - my other halves Ford KA has virtually the same ones and after 40k they are both fine!

    :thumb1: didn't get a photo as I was so annoyed I just ripped what was left of them out..

    Brought some rubber treatment to try and keep the new ones more supple...


    Usual tools




    On a more positive note....Finally got round to getting the Speedlines on...:thumbup1:


    New Conti Sport Contact 3's in the increasingly hard to get 87W rating...






    Will get some better pics soon, had to rush at the end of the day for these...

    Oh and ordered some 'Smoked Nickel' wheel bolt covers as not sure the black work...

  9. Adam93


    Nantwich, Cheshire
    Mini GP2 R56 - looking to buy R27 in 2018. Previous Nimbus 197 Cup
  10. chris1888-197


    sunny glasgow
    albi blue clio 197
    Best choice on the colour pal! Not biased at all!! Ha ha ; ) car looks really clean.
  11. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Thanks guys.

    I have to admit I was having second thoughts as I was taking the Cup ones off and putting the Speedlines on.. :001_unsure:

    but soon as I drive it out the garage it looked 10x better.:clap:

    Will get some more pics when I get time..the cars been locked in the garage since I've put them on!
  12. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    A bit of a massive update after a summer of fun! (oh the joy of French cr*p)

    First up.. after carrying out a good detail I noticed that areas of the rubber had started to perish along the windscreen trim on the drivers side. :blush:mg:

    It was in two very specific areas – one about 6 inches from the top,the other right by where the flexible rubber turns to the harder plastic down by the bonnet. After pulling the trim off you could clearly see where it had been leaking and had actually caused one of the trim clips to corrode. Alarmed I checked the other side and..exactly the same. It looks as if the rubber is just too thin, and the mould had some sort of defect. :thumb1:




    Begrudgingly I ordered two new ones (plus the clips) from Renault and 180 quid later I had two new trims ready to put on.:thumb1:


    This is when the fun began!:worried:

    After getting the new trims out I found that one of them in particular had the signs of the rubber starting to perish in exactly the same place!!:nope:

    Not impressed I spoke to my friend in parts who sent my old trims off plus the new ones to Renault.

    Bear in mind all the trim had been stripped down for weeks and I had been back and forth a fair bit – to say I was miffed was an understatement and a call from Renault Customer service followed.

    Seeing as the car had only covered 12,000 miles (albeit 4 years old now and out of warranty) Renault were really good about the fact that A) the initial trim had perished for no known reason on such a low mileage well maintained car and B) the new trims they supply aren't in a much better condition. I managed to negotiate a bit of money back on the new trims which I was pleased about.








    I also found a few issues with the drivers side door seal (starting to crumble!) so replaced as well.




    Oh, and I did a lot of research on Wurth rubber treatment - all new and old rubber parts got a treatment.

    So, problems all solved.. or so I thought..:jump1:

    After having the trim on and off more times than I care to remember.. about 2 weeks after I went to put the car away one evening and was greeted with a massive 12 inch long crack (yes that's crack lol) in the windscreen!!! :blush:mg::blush:mg::blush:mg:

    No idea how it happened as there were no stone chips or any other damage and I had only taken the car out a few hours before ..just a massive crack from the scuttle panel up the drivers side. One theory was that it was one of the hottest days of the year (about 30 odd) and the car was sat in the sun all day.. whether the expansion of the glass with it being damaged in someway the heat just pushed it over the edge and wham...foot long crack. Another was that having the scuttle off and on so much for the windscreen trim a stone or something got stuck under the scuttle trim between the glass (can't see this though) and the constant vibration caused the glass to fracture from this point upwards.. so miffed I didn't take any photos! Sorry.:nope:

    Anyhow.. going to cut a hugely long saga short and just say.. 1st windscreen was fitted wrong after a week wait for OE glass that I had requested (I advise anyone having a new windscreen to do this as I know a few people in the trade who have used inferior quality glass imported cheap from China etc). I think the OE is Pilkington, can't remember now... and the only reason I found this out is the second glass took an age to come as it was out of stock everywhere and took another 2 weeks to arrive!! Luckily the second attempt went a lot better and it looked perfect. A new top trim piece was used.. and the side trims came off and on... AGAIN!


    Thanks for reading..that was my summer of fun...

    More pics of the whole saga are on my photobucket account – link in my sig.





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  13. james_h

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    Decided to swap the black wheel bolt covers for chrome...

    need to to do something with the crappy looking locking nuts though..






  14. james_h

    james_h Platinum Member

    Just thought I would say hello and I still own the Clio! :thumbup1:

    She now sits on 14,000 miles and is my weekend bit on the side (I've only covered 2,000 miles in the last 2 years).:thumb1:;/

    No major problems (touch wood), only issue has been a broken outer CV driveshaft boot clip - I gather this is a common problem.:angry:

    It was interesting to read how people seem to have found clearance room to fit a jubilee clip :huh: - I certainly couldn't, and opted for a set of crimp style CV boot clips. (photos to follow)

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  15. james_h

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    Just thought I'd check my login still works as haven't logged on for over a year.

    I still have the car (obviously) and she now sits on 15,000 miles..I did 453 miles last year, and 500 the year before that. I don't think the car has seen a wet day in 3 years. I use her mostly summer weekends now, and it's kept in a dehumidified garage.


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    Holy mother of Jabba the Hutt - that's one excellent example!
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    Racing Blue RS-200
    OMG - Factory fresh. And then some. What a stunning car !

    Actually loving the chrome wheel bolts. And everything else about it if i'm honest.....

    Very-very nice. Enjoy every one of those 500 miles a year :smile:
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6


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