Yiannis' Albi Blue R27 - Toning down...


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The government test centers in Northern Ireland were closed here since the start of the year due to the inspection lifts in all test centers had cracks so my MOT in Feb was exempt until today now with the virus my car has an exemption until December now that's almost a year without needing MOT how many times has cars failed MOT that's a real time bomb of dangerous cars on the road and a bigger bill when they start again 2 years work in one go.
You are right mate - if my over maintained car ends up with a loose damper then god knows what's happening out there...


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Owning 3 cars in London is a bit tricky, mainly for storing/parking rather than anything else, so I had a word with myself and decided that having 2 focused cars in the garage and mainly plodding around in the shed (Yaris mk1 d4d) is not really ideal.

Firstly, I don't get to drive my cars since time these days is so limited and secondly I need to pay for all running costs regardless of mileage without getting any returns. Decision has been taken.

With the Lotus V6 Cup arrival back in Feb the Clio needs to be made a daily (as it will never be sold) and the shed needs to go. Yaris is not ULEZ exempt anyway so I am just speeding up the inevitable. But not as it stands - I don't fancy wearing a £3.5k - recently serviced at the price of £1k - suspension on speed bumps and potholes neither ruining a plated diff for mainly doing 30 mph.

So the car will be going to Jade developments soon for some 'toning down' touches. Some must have probably seen my "Wanted" adverts but for the ones who haven't I'm after a 200 FF suspension kit (softest one available for our cars) and a gearbox regardless of condition. Pads and discs will go back OEM for now and seats will go back. I'm actually looking forward to this because I honestly miss my car. Working from home will also help keeping the mileage to reasonable levels.

So if you have any such parts please be in touch. Not necessarily moving on with my clio - just turning page for now:smile:

A couple of pic of the Lotus:smile:

Brands May '20 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr

DSC02364 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr

DSC02332 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr

and a video of Brands