Hogg's Albi 197 track car

Hi all, Magnus here from Sweden. Been lurking around on this forum for a while but thought it would be great to create a thread for my own 197 track build and get some valuable info and feedback from this great forum.

Bought the car in 2017 while living in Norway and used it as commuter between the two countries for a while. When it was time for a holiday I drove it down to the ring to test it out, the car was totally stock by that time.
Back to work again it wasn't long until I had an off in Norway, swerving for a herd off sheep an went off at 70 km/h into a ditch.
Got the car repaired and by then I had changed into a Daimler xj40 as my daily driver and commuter.
Decided it's was now the time to get on with the 197 orginial plan of turning it into a track car.
Fast forward to today, I have been on several trackdays with the car here in Sweden and have along the way slowly been upgrading it for track use with the following mods/upgrades;

*Gaz golds
*Half cage
*stripped out interior
*K-tech cat back system
*OMP steering wheel
*Vibratech engine and gearbox mount
*Renault Sport spoiler

Going in:
Bucket seat
6-point harness
brake ducts

On the wishlist:
Gripper diff
Super or Turbocharger
CAE or ZPO shifter

My instagram account is @scuderia_fungoole for more pictures, a follow is highly appreciated.
Decisions decisions.....
Spend a few hours this morning just reading up on lightweight batteries.
More conservative lead options around 6-8kg seems to work just fine:
Odyssey PC680
Red top 25

But I can't really let the thought go on running a LiFEPO4 battery, do any of you guys run these kinds of super lightweight batteries?
Read abut one guy on here running a LiFEPO4 12V 10Ah!

Found this 20Ah here in Sweden that I'm considering Lithium-Ion batteri(LiFePO4) 12,8V/20Ah med PCM För mindre motorer, larm, backup mm. - batteriexpressen
What are your thoughts and/or experience with LiFEPO4 for the Clios?
My car is a track car only with ac delete.



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You’re not going to notice a few KG in a Clio. I’d stick with a simple lead battery like the red top or PC680
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Thinking about moving the car to another garage to work on it. Waiting on a new battery (relocating it) for it but right now I don´t have a battery at all.
Can I disengage the steering lock (keyless start) somehow if I tow the car?