Wireless OBD2 iphone apps

they are all free to download. iOBD2 charges you to unlock wifi and bluetooth 4.0 support. the others are completely free and allow all diagnostic checks etc. OBD Car Doctor is good for simple diagnostic checks. iOBD2 is good for measuring performance runs like 0-60 or 30-70 etc. they all work perfectly with the ELM327 wifi OBD2 connectors from ebay for example:


what exactly is it that you want from an OBD2 app?
Well mainly I want to be able to clear codes off, anything else is a bonus. About 7 year ago I bought a handheld obd2 scanner but it doesn't seem to work with the Clio. It was just a cheap one but done the job. I've ordered the wifi connector, should be able to pick it up tomorrow as I missed the delivery earlier this week so I'll give those a go thanks.