Xbox 360 Wireless dongle alternative??

Anybody using a third party dongle for their 360? I have red it can be done on a few sites but need confirmation from people i know i can trust.
You mean to add wireless ability to an original 360 (white ones primarily) and not use the official MS one?
Bingo! I have seen on other sites people have added wireless ability to their (white) 360 not using the official wireless dongle.. But wanted to know if anybody else has done this.

I would just hard wire it into my router but its down the stairs and a fair bit away, and my wireless repeater is not far away but a bitch to run a cable to, so i would rather not.
You can buy Ethernet wireless adaptors for bugger on eBay. Or get a cheap old wireless router put it in adhoc (bridged) mode and use that. I've used both methods for cheap wireless access on a 360 :smile:


Given the cost of the non-MS ones, it's generally not worth bothering with the hassle, not mention that they look more clunky.

Wireless bridges work, but are generally more of a faff than they are worth.
Thanks for all the input guys, im going to check out a few things and get back to you lot :smile:

Also i don't know why i said dongle because it's not so much a dongle as it's not USB.
Bite the bullet, break the bank, get a 360S :smiley:

Built in WiFi and doesnt sound like a 747 on full take-off thrust... and less chance of RROD :smiley:
Wireless is poo, I've invested in some home plugs for my 360 upstairs.

Amazing bit of kit and highly recommended

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