Ultra Red 197 :)

We'll all went well yesterday and I picked her up, although journey home on M25 was more of 2 hours of crawling, but the MPG is still double what I was seeing with old car, so very happy. Spent this morning cleaning, waxing and took some pictures, glad I went with the Red as it really suits the 197 :smile:



I Love Lamp
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Looks great. Mine looked like that the day I got mine too. Brings back memories for me too and makes me think I should have left mine like that rather than spending money on adding bits!
Think they look the best untouched, that's why I never added anything to mine. Just wish mine was this clean :worried:
Thanks for comments and yeah totally agree, bodykits really don't suit the lines of the clio without making it OTT & adding weight, same as fitting rear wing will be all show rather than go & seeing images of OE ones melting think of better things to spend money on.

Although front splitter looks OK and would offer a small benefit, but at moment & for near future I like the front as it is :smile:

At moment having fun with fitting my head unit and speakers as I have cabasse setup, so extending wiring looms, although going to run new speaker looms as renault really skimped on the wire quality there.
nice clean looking 197, reckon they are good as they are although ive always had a soft spot for the cup spoiler.