Just a quick message from me.

I am interested in the clio 200 but have some reservations before I go any further.

Its clear that many customers have had gearbox issues?

Does anyone know if the later cars, 2012 for example, still suffered these issues?

My motivation is simple. I am looking for a second car that is relatively inexpensive to buy and won't be used so much that fuel bills become an issue. Also I want something with some power, I do like a good hot hatch.

Had a Fiesta ST for a while a couple of years ago and it was great. But they are 11k.

A low mielage clio can be had for considerably less.

The clio 200 at the time was a giant killer and was king of the mini hot hatch segment.

I am seriously tempted but my worry is that it will let me down.


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Gearbox issues are a bit if a lottery tbh. Renault did make modifications over the years, but even later cars can suffer. However they are such a blast to drive & I'll never tire of revving the naturally aspirated engine to get to the power band. Mine is used in much the same way as it sounds that yours will be, as a toy. I took the gamble on the gearbox as I wanted a n/a hot hatch before the breed died.


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Tis a lottery. I have a 2011 and it's fine, though I will be changing the gearbox oil shortly.
Just make sure you buy one that has been well maintained and give the gearbox a good try before you buy - if it's used you should have an inkling of whether there are any issues. I test drove one and it was terrible, so walked away from it. People do have workarounds if they start to go i.e. skipping that gear and having a good £600 plus labour to replace if necessary. Like me, I do maybe 4,000 miles a year so not excessive use which can only be a good thing.
There are too many horror stories out there about these cars, so do your homework and get viewing, you'll hopefully sense what will serve you well.


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Gearbox issues as mentioned is pot luck, if you find one that has a relatively low mileage then you can make sure its well maintained yourself going forward to avoid these problems! When/if you come to test drive one of them, just be sure to cycle through the gears plenty once warm and you'll be able to determine the state of the gearbox... If you find the mileage is slightly higher on the vehicle, put some emphasis on the service history, if these cars are looked after service side with regular oil changes etc then I would expect it to be ok!

Mine 2012, bought it on 8,000 (now on 39,000) serviced it thoroughly and it runs a dream! just doesn't like the cold weather on start up too much but that's common for these! Otherwise I love the 200, great fun for even the simplest of journeys!
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As people have said gearbox issues are completely random, some people have got 80k miles on the clock with no issues, mine however had 25k on the clock and needed a new gearbox, so it just depends on if cars been looked after etc.

If you go and test drive one just make sure to listen out for crunching moving into gears, I think it mainly happens shifting into 2nd or 4th.

They are a blast to drive though and you wouldn't regret it if you bought one!

Good luck with the search :smiley:
Thanks for the quick replies.

Sounds like it's a mix of luck and good research.

I'm sure they are a blast to drive and as others have touched on maybe the last of its kind being NA. Which is why I'm tempted to spend a little more and get a really great example and cherish it.

What are people doing with regard to warranty?

Risking it or going through a 3rd party?



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My warranty is with Renault but it runs out at the end of February. It'll be down to me after that.


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The trouble with the gearbox issue is that a lot of people talk online about the problems they've had with the gearbox, however not half as many come on and sing it's praises when they've had tens of thousands of miles trouble-free :smile:

There is the potential for things to go wrong, there is with any performance car. If you are keen on buying a 200 on it's merits as a good hot hatch, then I say go for it - they are excellent cars to own and drive. Just budget for the possibility that it will need some work doing down the line, which is good practice for most car owners anyway :smile:

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Coming down the gearbox into 4th &3rd seem to be the main problem with these cars. Proper test drive will let you know what's what


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It is a known issue but sometimes I think the numbers are blown out of proportion. Doing research before buying my 197 you would have thought every car had the problem. Before buying give it a good run up and down the gears at various speeds.


well if you spend 4k for a clio,then even if the gearbox goes you can have it refurbished for less than a £ still not that bad compared to a new-ish fiesta...
but as above never know..mine is 2006 and the box is still going very strong...
Thanks for the feedback. Good that its not all doom and gloom. Will have to take a couple for a drive and go from there. Will keep in touch if I take the plunge. If not wishing you all many happy miles ...
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I bought mine at the start of last month and had the same concerns about the gearboxes as you . A good test drive is the way to go and as others have said go through the gears at high revs to make sure its not crunching . Best of luck with your search you won't be disappointed if you get one .
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I have lots of questions Jimmy. Could sit and talk about cars for hours. Especially hot hatches. They are just so suited to our roads and more affordable to more people.

This is really bugging me and I can't seem to find an answer..

Why do some models have a red steering wheel stripe and white rev counter?

I thought it was an age thing but there's a 12 plate on auto trader with standard yellow. So I'm thrown



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Earlier cars (197's) had White rev counter.

200's had Yellow.

Apart from the very late 200's which had White again.....

Confused ? Thats makes two of us.