Suspension Fitting Guide?

I think there was a great guide on here for fitting springs to a 197 - does anyone still have it please?

Also, on an R27, would you go H&R or Eibach?


I don't have the original guide or any photo's but a quick overview:

Front -
Loosen the tophat middle bolt, don't remove the bolt
Remove bolts around tophat/hole (not the tophat yet)
Remove the two bolts in the bottom of the leg near the disk
Pull out the leg carefully
Compress Springs
Remove tophat bolt, then out comes the spring to replace
Replace tophat, components and bolt
Replace leg as removed

Rear -
Put car on axle stands at both sides
Remove bolt from bottom of the shocks (both sides)
Axle swings down so springs are 'loose'.. might be stiff to pull out the seats or may be compressing..
Add in new springs
Use a trolley jack to higher the axle back into position
Replace the bolts in the bottom of the shock and wa-la.

As for springs.. H&R's have a better stance but are twice as expensive!
Thanks for the reply, much appreciated :smile:

H&R's are £215 delivered, so not tooooo bad. Eibach's are about £170 I think.
Which are the ones on ebay for around £110? - 30mm I think.

I'd like H&R's but for £215, it's a bit steep. Maybe I'll have a moment and get them ordered.
The £110 ones are Apex I think. Not heard great things about them, so I'd rather spend the extra personally.

I know H&R is lower (which is what I have bought), but I read Eibach is 'better' quality somehow... any truth in that? Thing is the Eibach's won't look much different to standard...
Same thread on 2 places, ....

Yes it will work if you don't lower it to much on KW V3. And if you are driving slower on bumps.

If you have just springs then DON'T WORRY just keep full throttle pressed:smile:
We seem to be struggling to locate the two bolts near the brake disc - can anyone help please? Give me a call maybe? 07515 880 871