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  • Yep, roll on spring.My insurance expires in May, so will finally be able to swap to one which allows modifications without having to be aged 25!!! :smile:
    Yeah not the best time of the year for enthusiasts and meets, bring on April.
    Yeah tried racing you round them roundabouts but too many 1.2 fiestas in the way lol.
    So, saw you behind me sat night, when pulling into tescos. Was there until about half 12 but couldnt find you after that. Saw a GW 200 in there though.
    Ben, going with some mates to a starlet meet at Bluewater on the 27th, (but in the 197) and then hitting lakside after. May see you there!???
    Hey dude , have a rolling road on friday as well as having my LSD fitted so should see then i know what im hoping for ....
    Hey does it bother you having no rear seats? Am looking it to doing the same and but not sure how it will affect the use of my car. I dont really use the back seats and if I ever do then its just 1 person in the back. Just wanna know your view on it as you've actually done it and it does look really good. Thanks
    Yeh will be amazing mate . I can't wait will be a right laugh . Just seen the LsD thread all the more reason to get an S3 lol
    ps might be worth emailing me on

    as not on here much no more
    Dud hows things , Whats happening with the car mate ? nkeeping it selling it etc

    R u coming to the ring next year ?

    Let us know mate hope alls ok

    Hey Lotharn, I sure do have good things to say about a decat setup, one of few im sure.

    I've Pm'd you the details, anymore advice feel free to contact me again :smile:
    Hey man

    I am looking for some advice

    I see you have some positive things to say bout a decat pipe.. Can you tell me, do you loose torque with a decat, gain HP or what ?

    Do you have to remap after you fit the decat? I just replaced my 2nd cat and now I have a major flat spot. Can a remap give you more power when removing the 2nd cat and replacing it with a straight pipe?

    Do you gain HP only on top revs with a decat pipe ?
    Lotharn is online now Forward Message
    Ha brilliant we'll get there lol I don't think I'll be camping though seems a little wiered ....
    Which is exactly how I was trying to do it too lol, whilst the misses was driving so kept losing signal!
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