Studs and nuts.

Has anyone converted over to stud and nuts instead of using wheel bolts yet?

I did this with the Trophy and it makes life so much easier when constantly changing wheels for trackdays.

my aim for the R27 is to snap up a set of the OZ UltraLeg's, 8x17" with an et55, this will move the outer lip of the wheel out aprox 20mm over the factory et68 wheels without the use of spacers.
hopefully allowing a little grace in the arches still to step up to a 225/45 tyre, as I've just acquired a set of A048's to accompany them.

then, change over to wheel studs and lightweight open ended nuts to make it all that bit smarter and easier to change.

simple question really, anyone else done this yet?



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If my memory serves me correct either the cup racers or the R3 cars have this conversion. I'm also sure that somebody on here had done it to their car. Personally I've never understood why any manufacturer uses the system that's on the Clio as its a total pain in the rear.
What's the reason for them using bolts? I've got a 2001 fiesta 1.3 and that came with studs and nuts, much easier!
ill get the studs ordered up tomorrow when I order the wheels.
it did shock me that the clio's have bolts instead of studs, but hey ho, easy enough to over come.

I should really get a project thread in motion :smile:


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It might be something to do with strength? I may be completely wrong, but i have known for studs to snap. Thats not saying that bolts can't either, but in my expirience i have known it to happen with some cars.


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I've converted the MegCC to studs and nuts to save the thread on the adapters.
thread locked them in for extra piece of mind.


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Theres a kit for sale on ebay now for around £130, bit cheaper than what mine cost but these were not there then :worried:
I've got a supplier for the studs and open ended black nuts, a guy I've used for many years for these type of items, so I'm hoping I should be okay :wink:



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run studs on mine for at least 12 months now (probably longer), they have seen many track days and Ring trips and had zero issues or failures.

And as mentioned a lot easier when swapping wheels etc.


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