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  • Hi Jase,

    Just remembered I forgot to tell you what membership pack I wanted. I've got a 197.

    Mate can I get one of them calendars I'll pay when you confirm you have some left maybe you can send me a tax disk holder with it also. Thanks Darren
    jase, any prob with me doing a post about our radio website, www.mambohats.com
    trying to drum up some support, it's me our kid and a mate doing live broadcasts on Friday and sat nights.

    Hello mate. Not sure who's organising Fcs 2012 but just wondering weather I can book my tickets seperately and still get a stand pass? Reason for this is I have 3 other people coming and just want to make sure we can defo get in and possibly get a 15 min track time slot?

    Hi mate. I need two more gold stickers as one of my dog decided to chew them up :worried: how would I go about paying you for to more to be sent. (exterior)
    Hi mate, did you eventually colour code your front splitter. I think thats what it looks like it your pics. I was thinking of doing that, looks superb!

    ok mate a pm woody about the stickers thanks for the reply n you have done a great job with the site looks good.
    hey jase was wondering do you get stickers if you become a payed member? was just wondering so i know if i have to buy them or not
    Thanks mate
    Where is the rear spoiler from on your clio please? Do you have any more rear end pics please? Many thanks
    Hi mate, that's my gold membership updated, can u send the 2 small silver mirrored stickers to me? I don't know what ones I ordered?

    Hi Jase, I am from australia, do you still have any clio 197.net stickers available?

    I am after two small internal and one small external.
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