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    Hi (Sheffield)

    Thought I'd not seen a RB 200 kicking around sheffield before.
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    from new to now...Update 3/6/10

    A dremel and elbow greese lol. found a local place cheap as chips though that I use for everything now.
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    Jase splitter?

    Not got the car anymore sorry, so can't measure it. its not that hard to make fit tbh, just need patience.
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    Engine Bay

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    Anyone know YS06 TXX??

    Yep that's my old car
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    Where to buy adjustable from top mounts and rear shims

    GazShocks make an adjustable top mount ;)
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    Jase splitter?

    It was actually just part of the TCE body kit from Renault themselves, designed for the standard smaller engine Clio but with a little work can be made to fit the 197.
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    got a new motor today...

    Sooo jealous.
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    Jase`s megane

    They'd be able to lift it I would imaging but they wouldn't be able to clamp it.
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    Albi R27 (reg= BIG ----)

    Who's is the Albi R27 on Irish plate "BIG ----".?
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    New Member, looking for a 197!!

    Welcome to the site. nice car.
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    Clio197/ Website Sale

    Get a life for god sake.
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    wheres everyone gone?????

    You've just promoted yourself to area rep lol ;) But on the other hand why does it need to be a rep that organises something.?
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    wheres everyone gone?????

    I'm off to bed so won't be posting again tonight just so everyone knows what I'm doing lol ;)
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    wheres everyone gone?????

    We could give 1 of the 2 free tickets away for pfcs like other groups are doing. We do give prizes away but to people that make the effort to come to the shows.