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  • Hi mate,

    Im looking forward to recieving the images. One last question.

    Where did you get your mats from?! They look top!

    Cheers mate

    hey jase, seriously love the car mate! if you dont mind me asking, were did you get your front splitter?
    alrite fella could you send me your original reg coz our system wont work with your private plate cheers mate
    Hi jase, still not showing that I'm a paid member.could you sort this out please.have pm leckie but no reply. Thanks. Wayne knapp.
    hi jase, just wondering if you have sent my internal stickers yet as i havent recived them

    Still can't bloody login as Wayne. No email sent to reset password. Just start getting back in to site and its pissed up again.
    It looks like my old account got deleted? I sent an email not so long ago but then I checked the members list and I'm not even there anymore.
    Hi mate,

    Got your email and msg at the same time, logo has moved across and I've readded you as Admin.
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