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  • Got the the stickers today Jase look amazing they really do and I havent even put them on yet lol
    hey mate still waiting on my Gold Clio200 stickers. Not in a rush since I cant put them on the car but just wanted to let you know
    Hey Jase, Great site.
    Just wanted to say hi, only joined today.
    I live in Sheffield so i'll keep an eye out for your blue machine! If a guy in a Red 197 with Anthracite wheels and sunroof flashes, then its me!
    Nice Spoiler by the way, really sets the car off, is that from K-Tec racing?
    Cheers bud, Tom
    hi jase, new to the forum just thought say hi, nice 197 as well. i've got 200 in mercury, love it loads. did have a citroen c2 1.1, so was abit of a setup. haha
    Never did thank you for posting the extra sticker, some man. Look great on the car, will try get some pics up at somepoint.
    Jase, not sure if you got my message about how to get 197.net stickers and payment method. If you did apologies for asking again.
    Hi Jase decided to come to the fcs with my missus is it too late to get on the club stand etc..? in know there is a thread but just wanted to see what your travel and accomodation arrangements were as ive never attended before any help would be great.


    Thanks for getting back, no worries.

    saw the post on the next meet, when is the next show and meet, or not yet arranged?
    Ive seen the clio197.net stickers on one of the cars on the site, just wondering where i could get hold of them?

    waiting for paypal to disable my old account so i can start a new one then ile be a paid member on here!
    Maybe not your thing but maybe a few wallpapers would be cool. 197.net within a pic of a 197 and/or 200??
    Insurance is paying out, so have to get it from the dealers. Looks like the diffuser and the heat shield is one part and the exhaust trimming are separate, not sure if I need any other parts like bolt and so on.
    Will have to wait for it to come from France coz Renault haven’t got stock
    Thanx a lot for the help
    Hi Jase, saw you fitted a new 200 diffuser on your car, but could not find the thread again. I've damaged my diffuser and have to order a new one, was thinking of getting the 200 one, but would just like to find out if you've had any problems with yours.
    Thanx man.
    Hi Jase im looking at purchasing some RS mats for my car, was looking at your car earlier and noticed you had the clio197.net logo on them aswell as a blue stitch around the outside.. Did you do these yourself? Or can one purchase these custom made?

    Thanks bud,
    Jase. Have paid 1yr membership via Paypal.
    Transaction ID: 40J25273KU3605438
    Hi, Jase did you get the payment for the sweatshirt and mug? just havent recived them yet?


    Decals arrived safely/well packed with a bonus clio197.net. Excellent. Cant thank you enough :smile:
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