Still can't cancel membership

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Does anyone know how I can cancel, per the prior thread I've posted, tried to contact the admins through pm without any success.

Feels like I'll need to raise with my credit card provider as an unapproved payment. I'd like to avoid that if possible though.

Anything else I can try?
I have replied to Stephen and this has hopefully now been resolved. Apologies for not responding to the tags sooner.

All payments should be cancellable direct with PayPal as we do not have anything to do with payment processing or card details, and PayPal handle the entire transaction.

If anyone else has problems with this, please use the Contact Us form to provide details and I will investigate further and raise it from our side.
Thanks Nik, it is resolved now. I think the issue was as I only expected to use for a year I didn't use a PayPal acct I checked out as a guest and unfortunately that then meant I could not manage membership through PayPal. Anyway now you have cancelled from your side I'm all good.

Many thanks
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