Single Exit Milltek

Hi, I used to have a fully decated milltek non res cat back, I was talking to a local power flow garage and he said that he could but a "blanking plate" to block out the right hand side silencer, so the only silencer would be the one on the left. Has anyone done anything similar or is this a stupid idea? Please let Mel leave what you think (it'll cost £40 and is reversible if I don't like it)
Why would you want to do that? If it were designed to have one exit, they'd have done it that way, it's going to be routed so the exhaust gases exit out of both tips, can imagine this would cause back pressure..
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Because it is decated I thought increasing back pressure would help reduce the flat spot, I could be wrong though
not sure on this mate..there are exhaust out there with a single pipe but they had been designed like that..
If your doing it then just as well removing the silencer not being used or your just carrying extra weight for nothing.
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