1. E

    Aftermarket Exhaust - Scorpion

    Hi All, No doubt, Exhausts have likely been discussed more times than you you could possibly count; I apologies in advanced. I've got a standard system on mine and looking for the extra noise! Scorpion appear to be pretty well rated and the way to go, according to their official website they...
  2. Geraint96

    Custom Straight Pipe?

    Just ordered a Decat pipe from Ktec, want to make it louder so thinking about going straight through after the decat. Has anyone done this? want to know how loud it is before i go for it. Also how do i get it to spit flames? I saw an Alien green 200 on youtube that spits flames and its now...
  3. dmur197

    Single Exit Milltek

    Hi, I used to have a fully decated milltek non res cat back, I was talking to a local power flow garage and he said that he could but a "blanking plate" to block out the right hand side silencer, so the only silencer would be the one on the left. Has anyone done anything similar or is this a...
  4. B

    What exhaust for Clio 197?

    Looking for an aftermarket exhaust and decat for a clio 197...after some advice?
  5. N

    manifold flexi blown / decat / remap

    My car has been making the blowing noise for about 2-3 weeks now and it's just started getting alot worse lately. I know it's the manifold flexi as you can see that's it's frayed badly. I am also looking to get my car decat'd and have read the reviews. The best out there seems to be the...