What exhaust for Clio 197?

Akrapovic is epic, but also epically costly.

Milltek are good quality, but I thought the one on my 182 was a bit boomy and drony at motorway speeds. I've just put K-Tec on my 197 and overall it's the best aftermarket exhaust I've had experience with (had quite a few hot hatches now!)
It depends how much you want to spend and what sort of noise you want.

I have the K-Tec and the K-Tec 200 Cell Sports-Cat. Nice and burbly with nice pop and cracks but not too OTT. If anything, it could be a little louder to be honest, but I'm more than happy with it and the build quality is very good. Like N0ddie said, everybody will favour what the have fitted. :smiley: You could always just chop the centre silencer out of the standard system if you're on a budget and after a bit more noise, although it does make the flatspot a bit worse.

Videos of mine...

With the centre silencer removed;


K-Tec & K-Tec 200 Cell Sports-Cat;

I thought you had your video labels mixed up!!!!

Nope!!! :smiley:

I'm contemplating making a centre pipe up for the K-Tec so that's silencer-less too. :evil:

In fact, once I've gotten this year out of the way and I've got some spare pennies I'm probably going to experiment with some different exhaust ideas...
I'll have to get out more, not been to any of the meets yet which is pretty shocking as I've been on here for nearly two years!!! :smiley:

If you're local to Manchester then Top Gear Stockport is who sorted my centre silencer for me, good bunch of lads.