Removing 200 Rs gearknob


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Has anyone ever struggled to remove the genuine Rs gearknob.

I have removed the original fine with some strong tugs but for the life of me I just cannot get this one off.

Wondering if Renault now design them to be a one time fit so you can’t remove them any longer?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
Have you managed to get it off? Suffer the same problem, need to take it off to install the spring, which landed on the rear bench while removing the original one, missed it ... the original one let go after two strong pulls, but this one, if I had counted I would be close to 100 now :smile:
Just got it done, had to stand inside and gave it a strong pull, was impossible to get it done just sitting on the seat...
I got rid of my kidney shaped one and replaced it with a larger Sparco unit, personal preference to a rounder unit and the rubber grip is a solid feel.