Removing fog lights on Clio 200

After just over a week of ownership, I have a cracked fog light on my Clio 200. :thumbdown:

How do I go about changing this? Do I need to remove the whole bumper or is there some way I can get to it without removing the bumper?

Also, are the fog lights the same as those on the MK2 RS Clio?

Luckily you don't need to remove the bumper to change the foglights, you just need to jack the car up slightly to get access to remove the arch liners, you can remove the wheel for better access or you can turn the wheel inwards and leave it on if you are lazy like me. You can then remove the foglight from behind. Its held in with 2x T20 screws IIRC.

The unit has the same part numbers as the Mk2 Clio.