POTM - December 2017


Good cop
The start of a new month means the introduction of a fresh and new POTM! Voting is currently under way for November's Open theme, so without further a do, let's crack on with December's!

The theme for this month will be (perhaps predictably :wink: ) WINTER/XMAS

Feel free to use your creativity and imagination to come up with your interpretation of the theme! Closing date for entries will be 30th December (I imagine we'll all be busy on the 31st :smile: )

Please refer to the following rules and guidelines regarding what we are looking for from the entries:

1. Only newly taken shots, taken by you this month and for this months comp alone please.
2. This is a Clio forum - and a [Preferably your] Clio needs to be somewhere in the shot.
3. You may enter more than one photo to show your skills ! However the first shown counts.

Good luck and thank you for supporting POTM!
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nobody going to get there snow pics in for this?? i didn't get a good one whoops was to busy playing..
Thank you for all the recent entries! I was beginning to think it was going to be a bit of a dry month, but it's great to see some cracking photos being put forward.

Keep them coming!

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